Thursday, June 16, 2016


Kind of gives a new angle on what happened at the airport. Maybe those who criticized the demonstrators for their "lack of hospitality will reconsider (doubt it). 

From an Italian blog - a comment (per Google Translate)

Daniel Lifschitz said ...
It will be interesting to see how Giuseppe Gennarini supercatechisti the CNC for all of America, he will come out of this mess that combined, identifying the CNC with this Apuron monster. It 's impossible that Joseph (Giuseppe Gennarini) has not got wind of violence committed on children-boys. 
But for his cynical desire for power, that I have known closely, when for seven years had to "collaborate" with him, he thought he had Guam in hand. I doubt that Kiko, as it would be his duty, I disavow and withdraw from public life, perhaps piutosto appoint his successor. 

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