Saturday, June 25, 2016


PEREZ: "To Archbishop Hon, please talk first to the faithful in this community not involved in the feud with the Neocatechumenal Way, or NCW, or Apuron. Talk last to those who choose to be zealots because they don’t agree with the NCW or simply because they dislike or distrust Apuron.

The real people in the parishes — the elderly, the techas, the prayerful, those whose faith have carried them and continues to carry them through good and bad times — hear their concerns first. Hear the Christian Mothers, the San Vincent de Paul Confraternity, the Franciscans, those whose primary concern is the restoration of the Catholic faith that we have always known."


ROHR: Mr. Perez. Once again those of us who have had the courage to speak up and risk the wrath of Apuron are being impugned by the likes of you, people who have hid in the corners throughout all this and now pop up like you're nice and clean and above it all. 

People like you are why people like Roy, Walter, Doris (her son Sonny), and Roland have suffered almost their entire lives. People like the people I work with, the ones who you say Hon should talk to last, are why people like Roy, Walter, Doris, and Roland are at least seeing a small glimmer at a chance for justice. 

This fight is for big boys. Obviously you are not one of them.

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