Sunday, June 12, 2016



  1. These could be the NEO Cult Mafia working in the Vatican.

  2. The whole Catholic world is watching, Tim. Come on! Nothing will ever be the same again.

  3. - Regardless of who is watching in the Vatican, They Are Watching! I just hope that they are seeing the same thing that we are - The Only Unity that has been conducted so far is With The NEOs! Have there been any pictures of Others with the New Archbishop! NO! Are there any pictures of the victims with the New Archbishop! NO! The Writing is on the Wall Guam!

    1. There is no new Archbishop. That's the problem we face; Anthony Sablan Apuron, aka child rapist, still holds on to that title.

  4. It's becoming very clear to me that the rest of the world is watching how WE, THE PEOPLE, deal with this Neo Cancer in our Catholic Church. Our success in ridding Guam, or at least within the Archdiocese of Agana, of these parasites will become the template for the parishes worldwide. Hon's initial actions have reminded us WE CANNOT COUNT ON ROME TO DO OUR WORK!

  5. Are these people in Rome enjoying the spectacle of a crumbling Church as if we are a gladiatorial sport! WTH! Sending a flaccid administrator who clearly knew that his strategy will not work. Having "unity vigils" when he should be addressing the concerns of the people is not the right approach. Pope Paul VI famously said: "If you want peace, work for justice." So far no attempt to explore the justice part of the equation has been extended even paternally to victims of injustice. The administrator surrounds himself with the hated Cristobal and Quitugua posse as if to piss us off and echo the infamous words of Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat cake!" There WILL BE a revolution on our hands if this administrator applies stop-gap band-aid and does not assertively disinfect the deep gashes inflicted by Mr. Apuron and his NCW cronies. The guillotine of public judgment is already making its rounds as more complacency and inaction are perceived in this Vatican posting. Yes, people are watching around the world, and if the Vatican thinks they can simply sweep this "isolated island incident" under the proverbial rug, they are sorely mistaken. The people of Guam will not stand passive in this stalemate: we have our eyes wide open and our ears pricked up, attentive to the slightest hint of apuronic partiality that we have come to detest - and which we hope the new administrator will not make the mistake to exhibit.


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