Friday, July 29, 2016


Posted by Frenchie.

As we have seen recently, there is a lot of jockeying around at the Chancery the last few weeks.

This a different kind of dance, and all the players have not really learned or understood the rules.

Archbishop Hon is an adept and talented practitioner of the Roman equivalent of the Potomac two steps, practiced by our politicians in DC, we shall call it the Tiber two steps. You put one foot forward and back up twice, and so on.

The main Choreographer is this man:
He does not look like much, his English is hard to understand, and people have a tendency to underestimate his moves.
Yet he is an expert dancer.

He has slowly, but surely changed the rules, since he arrived, and the whole ballroom is kind of confused. People were used to dancing under this guys' rules:
He had a flair for great costumes, and had some serious moves, like we saw on You Tube and at the Sand Castle, where his gyrating was legendary.
His main dancing partners were not very good dancers, because he liked to be the best.
They used to walk over people's feet.

Therefore Hon brought in some new dancing partners, that would dazzle the crowds, and make them forget about the old scary shows of his failed predecessor.

The problem being that the locals have a tendency to like this kind of dance:
But the Neos influenced by Pius and Genarrini, have a preference for this kind of dance:
So Hon being a smart choreographer decided to rewrite the rules, and rearrange the ballroom.

Out with Cristobal and Lirch, in with Jeff and Lito.
The rules have changed, dancers are not supposed to walk on people's feet anymore, on the contrary they are expected to be good dancers, and considerate of whom ever they dance with.

Some like Eddy the Waldo are confused by this new dance. The Waldo is more used to the fiery Samba, and Bibi is more of a Slow dancer, while Fr Rude is definitely in the more steamy kind of dance.
Meanwhile Fr Jeff is very enthusiastic about this new dance. He was given the center stage. He is both dazzling in his efforts and dazzled at the same time.
Lito, not being as talented watches his steps. Which is fine since the real dancing is done by Fr Jose.

So far everybody seem to enjoy this new dance, and the dancing partners that have been chosen.
New dancers are being let in the Hall, for a fee...all is well. Or so it seems.

Yet, there is a certain malaise among the dancers, because some have learned that the Archbishop has been dazzled himself, by a man of a different Charisma, hailing from the shores of South America.
No, it is not the forward charging Waldo, our irreplaceable Brazilian. It appears to be one of Pius preferred pupil, a more tempered and falsely shy individual from the  RMS seminary: Fr Julio Cesar Sanchez Malagon, the Vice Rector.

This is an interesting development since, this dancer is quite new on the dance floor, and is very inexperienced, outside of the walls of the RMS.
Another disconcerting issue with Father Julio, is that the RMS, which he is the Vice Rector of, is  a total failure as a seminary, and basically a scam, run by Pius and Genarrini.

Now we can see that Archbishop Hon's capabilities of putting people to sleep, and telling them what they want to hear while he plans his moves, are quite Machiavellic.

Actually our dear friend has a question for this:
May be not, but we surely have a right to be worried about this development.

Personally, I shall check the dancing books of the debutante....

Soon to come: The Failure of RMS, Pius, Quitagua and Julio


  1. Excellent post Frenchie. Thankyou

  2. Shhhh, Frenchie, Fr. Rude only dances in Jonestown. In public he hobbles on his cane. A pathetic act to win compassion.

  3. Julio is a shallow lightweight. All smiles and charm. Don't be fooled. The man's blood is permeated Kiko's kaka.


  4. Fr.Jeff reports RMS belongs to Arcdiocese. Hon reporting same message.
    Jeff saying no truth seminary belongs to Neo.

    1. Fr. Jeff is not a real estate expert. I don't think he'd know the difference between a Deed of Conveyance and a Warranty Deed, much less, could he understand how the articles or incorporation and bylaws govern a corporation? I'd like to hear his comments on why he thinks the RMS does not belong to the Neos. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

    2. Father Jeff said? That's interesting.

  5. In tonight's (July 29) news, Hon was interviewed and said on camera that the RMS property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana, "no doubt about it." Either he has been grossly misinformed and is headed for a rude awakening or he is continuing to talk with a forked tongue, telling the people what they want to hear, hoping no one would bring up the legal
    documents saying otherwise.

    1. Yes indeed. He also said there was no decree of removal of Fr. Paul. We showed him there was one.
      So far his batting average is far far from stellar

    2. Is Hon a "trained lawyer" also, to arrive at this conclusion on who actually owns the RMS property? Hmmm. These guys running the Chancery are not businessmen. Who is advising them on such matters of real estate law and corporate management?

    3. The "no doubt about it" is classic Hon. Talk about unity and harmony then deliberately pick a fight with those you say you want to unify.

  6. So thick is Julio's Kaka blood, he needs to take Coumadin twice a day. A real nose in the air snob!

  7. Perhaps JW can shed some light into who the real owners of this property are. Wasn't the title of the property tampered with several times? Now reflecting to Hon that it belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana? I cant believe Jeff is being deceived with all that has happened with the title fiasco. My question to Hon, How is it that three members of the board of governors for the RMS are from NJ, while two members are husband and wife 50% of the controlling vote? If this property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana, and the Archdiocese is funding this institution, shouldn't the board be from the Archdiocese of Agana also? Why are we funding this RMS while someelse has control over its usage?

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 29, 2016 at 11:58 PM

      Anonymous at 10:00 PM, your statement "Perhaps JW can shed some light into who the real owners of this property are" implies that you're unfamiliar with the issues that have been addressed and discussed on this blog. Inasmuch as one of the initial demands of CCOG was "Return RMS" that should indicate who the "real owners of this property are."

      But if you still need more information, here's what you can do:
      • LOOK for the word Labels on the far right margin of this page; then
      • SCROLL down the list until you find RMS Property Scam (100); and
      • TAP on the label

      As you see there are 100 posts with that label. If you read through those posts, you will see that this blog has shone a huge Spotlight on that issue.

      The claim that the property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana as made by both the Apostolic Administrator and Fr. Jeff proves that they have HONestly FAILED to do their research. All they had to do was read through the posts with the label RMS Property Scam (100) but they didn't. They probably relied on the word of the "Trained Lawyer" …

      Remember: On Wednesday 27 July the Apostolic Administrator asserted that there was no Decree of Removal regarding Fr. Paul Gofigan and yet the "non-existent" Decree of Removal Prot. No. 013-074 that was issued on 12 November 2013 and took effect the following day appeared on that same day in this blog.

      Clearly, both the Apostolic Administrator and Fr. Jeff need to master the skill of doing their research because the facts are at their fingertips. All they have to do is access the data. But they don't.

      However, you can educate yourself, Anonymous at 10:00 PM … I hope you take the time to read the posts.

    2. Junglewatch has not only turned a giant spotlight on the issue but also examined it with a highpowered Microscope.

  8. If I own a nice Lexus and let you use it and you decide it is better for you and your families needs and you make legal paper indicating that now it is your to use in perpetuity, who on earth would believe my story that some one else has my Lexus forever? And then Fr Jeff goes around telling people it still belongs to me? Remove the blue dust cover in the old Equus I'll just have to drive that till Apuron comes back. Who knows , it may be mine in perpetuity. Ewww, this Equus stinks! Rotten smell.

    1. If you do not have a say over the Lexus anymore and can't rescind giving its use to the party using it in perpetuity, then it is not yours anymore. No bank would use that property as collateral when you try to get a loan.

      It is only yours in name only.

  9. Replies
    1. More like naive, trusting Jeff who doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. And probably afraid of being ousted like the other 2 non-NCW Chamorro priests.

  10. More Frenchie stupid shit!!! maybe God needs to take to you to

    1. Meaning of 3.10am is...
      Rude is that you?

    2. Anonymous 3:10 PM - God needs to take you to HEAVEN! Is that what you are trying to say? Now how can you say that "More Frenchie Stupid Shit! Back to the sandbox Very Little One! Come Back When You Learn Something - Anything!

    3. Why is this Priest still allowed to say and do things that are usually expected from the lowest scum of the earth and not from a priest. SACS do not allow this priest to set foot on your school.

    4. Lol 3.10am, just finished with your steamy dancing....was it with or without the cane..... funny little dwarf

  11. KUAM News interview with AB Hon.

  12. Archbishop Hon, the Laity wants so much to believe that you and your team are doing your best to get to the bottom of the cause of the division in our Church. Your statement last evening that the RMS still belongs to the Diocese destroyed your credibility in an instant. What you needed to do is to secure the opinion of a highly respected attorney whose specialty is in land transactions to review and render his opinion. CCOG had engaged a real estate attorney, and he rendered an opinion contrary to yours. You owe it to all of us to back your statement with facts. That statement made last night has made a lot of us who wanted so badly for you to make things right has in an instant now question your motivation. Do the right thing and back up your statement with facts. You have the responsibility of insuring that your statements are based on the truth.

    1. Confess your sin Hon. You need absolution. Come to Joy. Tonite, 7:30pm. San Vicente social hall. Bring your friends. They'll need Pius' admonition too.

  13. I could not believe my ears when hearing the interview between KUAM and AB Hon... Hon states that there is no record showing that Father Edivaldo was ever appointed the Archdiocese official spokesperson.

    Now look at this website that links a message with Father Edivaldo's signature block with his Title: Archdioces of Agana Media Relations

    This goes to show that AB Hon is beginning to sound like AB Apuron. More web of lies not knowing that there are documents out in the worldwide net that shows that his statements are false. It's time People to raise the sign "GO HOME HON" as we don't need another so called leader who continues the web of lies that plagues this Archdioces.

    1. Really Archbishop Hon, you seem to have a very bad problem with the record keeping.
      This do not bode well with "all the findings" regarding the sexual abuse cases by Apuron, which were sent to the Vatican.
      May be Rome needs to send a specialist in record keeping.....

  14. Hon has not done anything yet to erase the sobriquet he has earned in my mind:
    "Hon the Con man." The seller of snake oil.

  15. So if this is the case "that there is no record showing that Father Edivaldo was ever appointed the Archdiocese official spokesperson" then why are there several posting of him doing this and that! Did he just make himself the Archdiocese Official Spokesperson! I do not think that he is that smart! Remember, he is Apuron's you-know-what!