Friday, July 29, 2016


Posted by Frenchie.

As we have seen recently, there is a lot of jockeying around at the Chancery the last few weeks.

This a different kind of dance, and all the players have not really learned or understood the rules.

Archbishop Hon is an adept and talented practitioner of the Roman equivalent of the Potomac two steps, practiced by our politicians in DC, we shall call it the Tiber two steps. You put one foot forward and back up twice, and so on.

The main Choreographer is this man:
He does not look like much, his English is hard to understand, and people have a tendency to underestimate his moves.
Yet he is an expert dancer.

He has slowly, but surely changed the rules, since he arrived, and the whole ballroom is kind of confused. People were used to dancing under this guys' rules:
He had a flair for great costumes, and had some serious moves, like we saw on You Tube and at the Sand Castle, where his gyrating was legendary.
His main dancing partners were not very good dancers, because he liked to be the best.
They used to walk over people's feet.

Therefore Hon brought in some new dancing partners, that would dazzle the crowds, and make them forget about the old scary shows of his failed predecessor.

The problem being that the locals have a tendency to like this kind of dance:
But the Neos influenced by Pius and Genarrini, have a preference for this kind of dance:
So Hon being a smart choreographer decided to rewrite the rules, and rearrange the ballroom.

Out with Cristobal and Lirch, in with Jeff and Lito.
The rules have changed, dancers are not supposed to walk on people's feet anymore, on the contrary they are expected to be good dancers, and considerate of whom ever they dance with.

Some like Eddy the Waldo are confused by this new dance. The Waldo is more used to the fiery Samba, and Bibi is more of a Slow dancer, while Fr Rude is definitely in the more steamy kind of dance.
Meanwhile Fr Jeff is very enthusiastic about this new dance. He was given the center stage. He is both dazzling in his efforts and dazzled at the same time.
Lito, not being as talented watches his steps. Which is fine since the real dancing is done by Fr Jose.

So far everybody seem to enjoy this new dance, and the dancing partners that have been chosen.
New dancers are being let in the Hall, for a fee...all is well. Or so it seems.

Yet, there is a certain malaise among the dancers, because some have learned that the Archbishop has been dazzled himself, by a man of a different Charisma, hailing from the shores of South America.
No, it is not the forward charging Waldo, our irreplaceable Brazilian. It appears to be one of Pius preferred pupil, a more tempered and falsely shy individual from the  RMS seminary: Fr Julio Cesar Sanchez Malagon, the Vice Rector.

This is an interesting development since, this dancer is quite new on the dance floor, and is very inexperienced, outside of the walls of the RMS.
Another disconcerting issue with Father Julio, is that the RMS, which he is the Vice Rector of, is  a total failure as a seminary, and basically a scam, run by Pius and Genarrini.

Now we can see that Archbishop Hon's capabilities of putting people to sleep, and telling them what they want to hear while he plans his moves, are quite Machiavellic.

Actually our dear friend has a question for this:
May be not, but we surely have a right to be worried about this development.

Personally, I shall check the dancing books of the debutante....

Soon to come: The Failure of RMS, Pius, Quitagua and Julio

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