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By LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondent from Spain.

I was just waiting for her answer after my first post about Neocatechumenal's "not allowed" Rosary prayer. I have noticed I just was looking for it in the wrong place. It did not deserve a new entry. Just a few words in a lost commentary (sorry, in a last commentary).

"The NCW members were never told not to pray the rosary (sic). What they teach us in the Way is HOW to pray. They taught us HOW to pray just as the Carmelites and religious were taught to pray at 3:00 am every day".

I see. Talking about the non-prohibited Rosary requires that wonderful precision of HOW instead of WHAT must be prayed in the Way. Because the Way considers the method over the content. It's right.


The form over the sustance. The very important thing is not to pray, but how to pray. Of course. As well as for neocatechumenals the most important of the Sacred Sacrament of Mass is not Jesus's Sacrifice but HOW the remembrance is done: the party.

And we could apply the same reasoning for all. The Neocatechumenal difference consists in changing catholic standards in their neo HOW.

For NCW founders, HOW is important because it is the part of the being which could be seen by us. HOW is more related to experience than with the concept. HOW refers to doing or making, refers to our senses. We are able to feel the HOW by smelling, tasting, watching...

That is why in the Way you need to have a lot of flowers over the table for Eucharist, to stay singing or talking or dancing. That is why Kiko loves intuition over rationalism. That is why in the Way they do have the words "in my experience" in mouth all time. For them, faith is a sensitivity matter. And that is why Kiko focuses esthetic over "non esthetic" questions. His love for Liturgy maybe is a manifestation of his love for those elements which bomb his eyes, ears, nose and tongue. Grace is different, it is a matter of spirit. Too much "upper".

Kiko is an artist, I know. Kiko teaches to live an extra-motivated faith. A normal mass is quite boring for him. It does not say anything for him. And some similar reason might be hidden in the Rosary. It is quite repetitive, quite poor in creativity. Neocatechumenal deserve more fuel. They deserve to pray exactly as monks and nuns and priests. Oh, wait!: they will pray as religious and consecrated should do and don't obey. Neocatechumenals are those "super-lays" who pray for devotion what those religious maybe do not pray as obligation.

Neocat voicer in Guam tells us they pray every day at 3 a.m. 
Every day, really? 

Not every day, D.

Neocatechumenals do not pray every day at 3 a.m. Ever if you were close to finish the Way, D., you will not do it EACH day.

You know it only happens occasionally, which in your neocatechumenal language is called "to broke the night": from time when you go asleep until time you wake up, just in the middle, occasionally you are told to wake up, put on your knees and pray "Jesus, son of David, get compassion of me, I am a sinner". This is a filocalia. Kiko joined a movement called Ruedas de Energía-Filocalías (Wheels of Energy-Filocalias) in Spain for a little time, just at the same time he was developing the Way in its first years. He was picking up things from different groups and organizations. He has not been inspired to invent all he says.

Anyway I would like not to steal you the illusion of becoming a "super-catholic" by clarifying you do not pray every day at 3 a.m. Indeed, you will be. Maybe the only time you will go to sleep when you finish the Way will be at 3 a.m., and just for a while because, during Advent and Lent you should stay at 6 a.m. in your parish to pray Laudes, before going to work, considering you will have had to stay in a neo celebration til maybe 2 a.m. in a brother or sister's home, or maybe in the parish as well. Absolutely for "super-men" and "super-women" who usually can not afford Kiko and Carmen's style of life.

In the other hand, I do not belive you pray as Carmelites and religious even when sporadically you have to wake up some nights at 3 a.m. They have done some vows. You don't. They have choosen their way of life by their informed freedom. You don't. You have never been informed clearly of all the things you will have to do along the Way. So, there is not a free election based on an informed freedom.

I think "super-catholics" are not made of "super-man" or "super-woman" nature. I did never belive Mother Theresa was any "super". By contrast, maybe she was too human and she accepted she depends on too much God's Grace.

There is a second part of your comments I want to underline, but I will keep it for later.
Have a nice two-half night! (here it is 23:49 p.m.)

By Mordillo

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