Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Posted by Robert Klitzkie

Question: How does one deal with the Apostolic Administrator?
Answer: Very carefully. 

Yesterday, Tim Rohr received several phone calls, texts, messages, and emails from different members of the clergy and chancery staff advising him that Archbishop Hon desired his presence at today’s press conference, called by Hon for 10 AM at the Agana Cathedral. 

Tim replied to each message: “Why does he want me there and what is he going to say?”

One priest replied that Hon’s statement would have something to do with the victims. To which, Tim replied, “Too late about the victims. He’s only doing something now because he got served the lawsuit yesterday. Pathetic.”

Another left a message that Hon intended to address Tim’s “concerns.” Tim replied: "Which concerns and how does he intend to address them?” 

The priest answered: 

“Archbishop Savio has asked me to extend an invitation to you to attend a press conference on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 10 am in the conference center of the Agana Cathedral-Basilica.  At this press conference, Archbishop Savio will make a statement and address questions from the media. I hope you will be able to attend.”

To which, Tim replied:

“I'm sorry. This tells me nothing. How do I know he just wants me there so he can use me as a prop for "unity?" How do I know he just wants me there for a photo-op to make him look like he's "reaching out?" How do I know he wants me there so he can publicly malign me in front of the press? Please try to respond with some actual content. What is he going to say and why does he want me there? Simple.”

The priest responded: 

“I understand your concern. He is asking for your presence because he desires to publicly recant statements maligning your intentions.  I believe that Archbishop Hon is sincere in this intention and I do not believe this is a manipulative maneuver.” 

Tim, then replied:

“Really? He's going to respond to my personal letter to him with a press conference? If he was sincere he would have called me or asked to meet with me personally. This is a photo op and a joke. He's afraid of  another law suit and I have a lot I can now sue the archdiocese for. None of you opposed those statements. You let them stand until you had a law suit on your hands.” 

Later, Tim received another invitation from a Chancery staff member, once again telling Tim that Hon desired his presence at the press conference. Once again Tim asked why. And once again Tim was told that Hon was going to address his "concerns." 

The "concerns" Archbishop Hon is now apparently "concerned" about are NOT the concerns Tim has laid out in his blog over the last three years. In fact, Hon is probably not concerned at all about Tim's real concerns. The only concern Hon may be concerned about is receiving another summons, and this time from Tim Rohr. 

On July 19, Tim sent a two page letter to Hon, complete with exhibits, detailing several instances in which the Archdiocese of Agana slandered and libeled him, accusing him from everything to masterminding a conspiracy to oust Apuron to attempting to rig a shady real estate transaction. 

Tim wrote:

"...the accusation implying that I, Tim Rohr, was part of a conspiracy involving an improper and clandestine real estate transaction is libelous and potentially injurious to my profession.

I hereby request that you, as Apostolic Administrator of the Archdiocese of Agana, publicly retract, apologize for, repudiate, disavow and cancel the accusations made against me, Tim Rohr, in these two media releases, and to set the record straight forthwith."

Having had a collision with reality here, i.e. having been served a summons on Friday, a summons news reports say Hon tried to give back. Now Hon is scrambling to address Tim's concerns.

How sad that Hon, who only a few weeks ago lectured us during a sermon at Santa Barbara parish about the impatience of the laity and our turning to "bills and law suits" to solve our problems, only responds to "concerns" when he himself is faced with "bills and law suits."

You can read Tim's letter to Hon here.

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