Friday, July 22, 2016


Created by Robert Klitzkie

Not only do we have a sign for you for 4:30 PM today at the ITC intersection and Sunday 9 AM at the Cathedral but you have a choice!  Get there a little early and you can show your preference for Apuron's future.  You can make a statement about the "leadership" style of the Apostolic Administrator.  You also have the option of showing the world what you think about AB Hon's memo asking for more money for the seminary.  In the first comment I'm going to ask for your help concerning signs so go there and help me out!

We've been at this a long time and we're getting good at it plus we know it's working so let's keep it going.


We started asking just for the three R's=RETURN the seminary, RESTORE the priests, RESIGN--Apuron, that is.  When the Apuron child sexual abuse scandal broke, the signs changed to REMOVE--Apuron, that is. When the ramifications of Apuron's remaining a bishop anywhere sank in, the signs morphed into DEFROCK, the street term for laicize. When AB Hon became the Apostolic Administrator it quickly became apparent that he was not interested in moving us forward, thus HON ??  In fact, if anything he's trying to move us backward: witness Hon's memo asking for MORE money for the seminary, thus the NO $ FOR THE SEMINARY  sign.  

4:30 PM today at the ITC intersection and Sunday 9 AM at the Cathedral

See ya' there!

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