Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Posted by Tim

In response to the CCOG criticism that RMS only has 3 "permanent" professors for 7 listed departments, Pius the Samnut told KUAM today:

"Eight permanent professors and five adjunct professors are teaching at the Institute. In addition, three priests, former students of the Institute, Fathers Miguel Angel, Julio Caesar and Edivaldo have already acquired the Licentiate in Theology at the Lateran University in Rome or at the Lugano University in Switzerland; Father Fabio is studying to acquire the licentiate; they will continue their studies toward their Masters and eventually make part of the permanent faculty of the Institute."

Notice that the Samnut does NOT say WHO those eight permanent professors are. He doesn't because he can't. You can be sure if there really were eight permanent professors he'd be listing their names and every credential they have. Instead he jumps to the "former students of the institute." What a joke. 

Also notice that he says: Father Fabio is studying to acquire the licentiate. Meanwhile, the Umatuna of December 8, 2013 stated:

His Excellency Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM Cap., D.D. has just released four of his diocesan priests to go on mission. Details are being worked out but in a meeting on Friday Nov. 29, 2013, the archbishop blessed Father Santiago Flor-Caravia of Chalan Pago, Father Fabio Faiola of Santa Rita, Father Edwin Bushu of Santa Bernardita and Father Aurelio Stoia of Merizo and Umatac as they embark on a new phase in their lives.

“Go and announce to the whole world the good news,” said the Master.

Father Santiago will go to Japan, Father Edwin to Kenya and Tanzania while Father Fabio and Father Aurelio to Asia. They all have been trained in a Redemptoris Mater Seminary which has the aim to form seminarians with a specific missionary spirit, that after ordination the priests are available to go wherever the archbishop sends them.

This was a lie from the beginning. Fabio never went to Asia. He went home to Italy where he has been living well off of our collections and after sucking us dry for the years he spent at the seaside Yona palace. And today Pius confirmed it: "Father Fabio is studying to acquire the licentiate."

Also, it says Father Edwin (Bushu) went to Kenya and Tanzania. RIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTT. LOL. Bushu has been seen around the diocese several times ever since this announcement was made and here he appears in a picture standing behind Archbishop Hon just a few days ago.

And here's another LIE:

"...after ordination the priests are available to go wherever the archbishop sends them."

That's complete B.S. A diocesan bishop has NO authority to assign a priest to anyplace outside his diocese. All those "on mission" guys are doing nothing other than playing presbyter to neocat communities around the world and enjoying a nice vacation on our dime.


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