Tuesday, August 30, 2016



Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Today I only have a question for your eminences, bishops and cardinals who support the Neocatechumenal Way. 
First, I want them to help me count. I need an approximate number of patens showed in picture below and my glasses are broken.

Then, here is my question: 

"Do you think God has created us with intelligence?"... 

Years and years studying the mamotretes for this? I always belived bishops and cardinals have more than a functional neuron under their birrete. 

Picture published in "Yo también pertenezco al Camino Neocatecumenal" (I belong to Neocatechumenal Way too), Facebook. 

The Holy See, Kiko and Carmen explode with joy to celebrate the aproval of Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way. Its art. 13 (Eucharist) says at first:

"§ 1. The Eucharist is essential to the Neocatechumenate, since this is a post-baptismal catechumenate lived in small communities. In fact, the Eucharist completes Christian initiation". 

Sorry, but along my years into the Way, the most of times we did not celebrate the Eucharist in our "small" community. Of course, times when we did it, we could be from about 40 assistants (mayority children) from near 80 assistants. It depended on the aim of people at that specific Saturday. If there was holy football on TV at the same time (with two main clubes playing), we directly were told to celebrate Eucharist with another communities in our parish...and people use to stay at home!

Anyway, I conclude Kiko is cleverest than you. He has scored you a big gol! 

With "small communities" Kiko does not mean the same you do. What does "small community" means for you? At least two person as the Gospel says? 

Now I understand why you, bishops and cardinals who support the Way, do not understand the same things for the same words which Kiko says. Please tell us how many patens do you see in the picture...

Another example:

"§ 2. The neocatechumens celebrate the Sunday Eucharist in the small community after the first Vespers of Sunday. This celebration takes place according to the dispositions of the diocesan bishop. The celebrations of the Eucharist of the neocatechumenal communities on Saturday evening are part of the Sunday liturgical pastoral work of the parish and are open also to other faithful". 

When are the first Vespers of Sunday? When does the catholic Church understand it is time for Vespers any common day? Maybe when the sun goes down? 

I do not now Guam hours for Lauds and Vespers, but in Spain we used to think Lauds correspond with sunrise and Vespers when sun falls. In Spain you can not say Saturday at 16 h is Vespers of Sunday. Many times we had our Eucharist just then. Oh, I understand...as a neocatechumenal Eucharist is so long, maybe you will be having Communion just at 18 h if celebration started at 16 h. I see this is another Kiko's gol. 

The thing related with "open also to other faithful" is really funny. Just think. If neocatechumenals do change their way of celebration when there is a bishop or a cardinal among them for the Eucharist, could you imagine how happy they feel when any religious natural catholic want to assist by his own? 

Only two articles and three goals. Great. 

§ 3. "For the celebration of the Eucharist in the small communities the approved liturgical books of the Roman Rite are followed, with the exception of the explicit concessions from the Holy See. Regarding the distribution of Holy Communion under the two species, the neocatechumens receive it standing, remaining at their place". 

This is so evidently false and there are so many things yet writen about in internet, I go to article 4.

§ 4. "The celebration of the Eucharist in the small community is prepared under the guidance of the presbyter, by a group of the neocatechumenal community, in turn, which prepares brief monitions to the readings, chooses the songs, provides the bread, the wine, the flowers, and takes care of the decorum and dignity of the liturgical signs".

Excuse me but here Kiko is not the only lier. All of them are liers. First: occasionally, in very few times, the presbyter does prepare the Eucharist. Only if he is in the group made by random. And of course, only if he wants. 

About brief monitions to the readings, "ojalá" (equals to God wish). If monitions were brief, as brief as resonances and public individual prayers might be, the Eucharist will last less than two hours. Obviously, "brief" for Kiko does not mean the same "brief" you understand.

I guess which decorus and dignity could a car parking have, we did celebrate our eucharisties in the parish priest's house parking while the new temple (in a neocatechumenal style) was being built. We had to clean some cat's shit from the floor every Saturday. We covered cars parked with bed sheets from our homes. 

Dear eminences, the Eucharist is the most popular thing known by people who are not in the Way. It means it is the most well known of all neocatechumenal practices. Then, please imagine the ammount of things you do not know, because are under secrecy (kept in secret) and I am sure you will never approve them. 

If you simply do not know the apparently most well known of all neocatechumenal issues, consider how far are you from the truth (of Kiko). 

Maybe the idiots are not us. 

By the time, where is "milk and honey chalice" in Statutes during Eucharist? Definetly I need my lens repaired.


  1. Thank you, LAPAZ. Your posts go far to demonstrate the absurdity of it all.

  2. - Yes - Ditto on the "Thank You LAPAZ"! I love your graphics which are always on the money!

  3. Too funny. So true.

    "Too much bread for just small communities." can also speak to the profane amount of cash and assets the NCW have pilfered from the small communities on Guam through the scrutinies.

    1. Jose your such a twisted fucker, why don't you find out for yourself!

    2. LOL. Rude-ee's gravy train has just come to a full stop so he's going off the rails. End of the line, Rude-ee. LOL. I win.

    3. LOL! Making a coward curse in a comment, +1!

    4. I Win. Tim you sound like Fuckin Donald Trump.Tim Let's see your tax return.

    5. LOL. And they wonder how I know it is you. LOL.

  4. Kick Rudee's cane, Kick Rudee's cane, Kick Rudee's cane! Hip Hip, Hooray!

  5. Wow! More than 3 choice much choices on the menu... Balutan Time guys. Not?

  6. It looks more like a Bakery Shop.

  7. I want to ask you because you have been in The way, what made you feel that it is so wrong, what happend to you? God bless

    1. It was the lying and deception tactics that made me leave.