Friday, September 30, 2016


Congratulations to Msgr. James Benavente for pursuing to the end, for "running the race," for not growing "weary in well doing." While the declaration of "invalid" relative to the charges against him might be the best we can hope for at this moment, it is nevertheless, as Andrew Camacho so noted at the press conference, "a step in the right direction." 

And also as noted in the previous post, all of this goes away should Apuron return, and he intends to do so! This is why Msgr. James was wise to say that this is NOT an occasion for celebration, but "let us roll up our sleeves." For we have only succeeded thus far in stopping the death fall of the diocese. There is much to do. 

Msgr. James and those close to him worked long and hard to counter Apuron's attack. From the outset Msgr. James knew that this wasn't just about selfishly "restoring" his name, but about restoring the diocese. Apuron's attack on him was just one of several attacks to destroy the Catholic Church on Guam and pave the way for an aggressive and radical neo-insurgency which was intended to follow the crippling of Msgr. James. 

In short, beating back Apuron's accusations meant beating back Apuron, and beating back Apuron meant beating back the Gennarini-Pius-led onslaught on this diocese. It has been a very hard fought battle (thus far) and some of it is documented below:

Post from January 2, 2015:

Benavente Timeline from 7/25/14 to 1/2015

  • 07/25/14 Decree, Removal, Catholic Cemeteries, Prot. 2014038
  • 07/25/14 Decree, Removal, CathedralBasilica, Prot. 2014039.
  • 07/25/14 Decree, Dissolution, Archdiocesan Development Group, Prot. 2014040.
  • 07/26/14 Letter from JLGB to Parish/Finance Councils re removal.
  • 07/31/14 Cor. 2014001, Letter from JLGB to AAA stating that requests for written allegations were requested on the following dates with no success of any documents:
  1. Friday, July 25th, twice, no response
  2. Saturday, July 26th, no response
  3. Sunday, July 27th, no response
  4. Tuesday, July 29th, no response
  5. Wednesday, July 30th, no response
  6. Thursday, July 31, no response (Cor. 2014001)
  • 07/31/14 Prot. 2014045/ 045A, Decree/Appointment, Parochial Vicar, St. Anthony Church, Tamuning
  • 08/08/2014 Letter from Attorney David J. Lujan to AAA re Allegations
  • 08/11/14 Cor.2014002, JLGB: Request to Revoke Decree of Removal
  • 08/19/14 Prot. 2014048, Letter from AAA denying request to Revoke
  • 08/19/2014 Letter from AAA to Attorney Lujan
  • 08/22/2014 Cor. 2014003, Letter from JLGB to AAA, voluntarily disclosing personal and family assets w/documents
  • 09/01/2014 Letter of Appointment as Canon Lawyer for JLGB from Fr. Thomas Doyle, JCD, to AAA
  • 09/02/2014 Cor. 2014004, Letter of Petition for the Revocation of Decree of Removal from JLGB to AAA
  • 09/02/2014 Letter of Hierarchic Recourse against Decree issued to AAA by JLGB
  • 09/02/2014 Letter of Hierarchic recourse against an administrative decree from JLGB to Cardinal Oullet, Cardinal Prefect, Congregation for the Bishops
  • 09/04/2014 Letter to Archbishop Krebs, Apostolic Nunciature, informing him of documents sent to Holy See re Hierarachic Recourse against a Decree
  • 11/05/2014 Letter from Cardinal Feloni, Prefect, Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, re Appeal
  • 01/2015 - Meeting with Archbishops Hon and Krebs

Apuron vs Benavente Documents

  • 06/26/2014. LETTER from Archbishop Apuron to Msgr. James Benavente acknowledging corrective action.
  • 06/26/14. LETTER from Msgr. Benavente to Archbishop Apuron regarding the accounting corrections for the Catholic Cemeteries.
  • 07/26/14. LETTER from Benavente to Cathedral employees about his removal.
  • 07/29/2014: STATEMENT to Press from Archbishop Apuron re the removal of Msgr. James as a "change of administration."
  • 07/30/14. STATEMENT to press by Archbishop Apuron publicly accusing Msgr. James though he never gave Msgr. James a list of the same charges. 
  • 07/31/14. STATEMENT by Apuron on economic problems (blamed on Msgr. James)
  • 07/31/14. AVISO of reassignment of Msgr. James
  • 08/03/14. UMATUNA accusations against Msgr. James
  • 08/04/14. LETTER from presbyteral council to Apuron asking for clarification of firing of Msgr. James
  • 08/06/14. PDN ARTICLE: Monsignor: Archbishop absolutely wrong
  • 08/06/14. LETTER from Msgr. James to Apuron showing corrections
  • 08/10/14. UMATNA edition which was withdrawn and destroyed after Apuron received a letter from Attorney David Lujan after the edition was printed. 
  • 08/19/14. KUAM story - Cristobal makes excuse for Apuron as to why he misrepresented the presbyteral council (see letter)
  • 09/05/14. LETTER from the family of Msgr. James Benavente to Archbishop Apuron.
  • 12/17/14. LETTER from Joe Rivera to Apuron showing proof that Apuron is wrong.
  • 01/21/15. LETTER from David C. Quitugua trashing Benavente
  • 01/23/15. STATEMENT from Apuron trashing Benavente - ignoring evidence produced by Joe Rivera. 

Apuron vs Benavente JungleWatch posts link here

Apuron vs Benavente in the Media link here


  1. So what is next after this, if Msgnr. is cleared. Hon made the notion to replace AAA and so far not much is known where that stands, who is next in line or potential Bishops for Guam. It would be a wise move if Benavente is in the running to be the next Bishop since that will unify the Church.

    1. Expect Jeff to sit down and let that go? There will be a shadow following James. He won't be bishop. Jeff acting like batter up!

    2. He would make a Great Archbishop and get the Church back on track and take care of the Souls on Guam. Biba Monsignor James

    3. Yes, he would be the wise choir for Rome. They should also consider Pal'e Mike, Eric, Jeff and Paul to help him run the Church on Guam.

    4. It is very unlikely that we shall get a new Bishop soon, in any scenario.
      A permanent Apostolic Vicar, to clean up the mess is the most likely avenue.
      Again, don't forget, that the main actor in suggesting candidates is Cardinal Filoni.
      Even if we are lucky enough, to not get a neo-friendly Bishop, a local candidate is highly unlikely.

    5. very important to listen to Frenchie. Archdiocese will be under an Apostolic Administrator for some time not necessary Archbishop Hon.
      I am a supporter of JW but at the same time it is in the best interest of the church that the next Archbishop of Guam id not a native son. God willing in a decade or nearing two Guam will be ready for a native son.This is not an insult it is for the best of Guams people.

    6. We should mount an effort to get back to the US Conference of Bishops. We are not a "mission Church". We are a very mature Church which had terrible, deceitful, selfish and evil leadership for 30 years. Our trust was egregiously violated. Time now to return to the USCB so we can get a bishop who understands us as a Catholic community with strong traditions and culture.

    7. I concur with Frenchie. I should add though that we should not be pushing for a new bishop just yet. Let's focus on getting Apuron out. We want to make sure no decisions are rushed because whoever the next Bishop is crucial in the final restoration of this diocese.

    8. Apuron was never fond of CEPAC (Conference of Bishops in the Pacific) and continuously denigrated St. Peter Chanel Seminary in Fiji, its regional house of formation. It was ironic since he tolerated it when he was President. He preferred to attend as an observer at the USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops). Many of the bishops were known to ask, "Why is he always here?" and, "Why is he here at all?" Well, we knew it was to justify "official trips" to do personal chores at the people's expense. I shudder to guess what those personal chores were.

    9. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)October 1, 2016 at 11:38 PM

      I agree with the comment of Concerned Catholic 5:18. The Archdiocese of Agana should work toward the reinstatement of its membership in the USCCB. I had been thinking about this after having read Frenchie's very informative articles, “It Really Makes a lot of Sense” and “Why is Filoni Putting On All the Stops…” Currently there is so much more pressing issues to straighten out to address even the everyday workings of the local Church, but as a long term goal, I believe the work to reinstated Guam to membership in the USCCB should be kept in the “to do list.” First, as Frenchie had written, Guam has been Catholic for close to 500 years. As such, it is not a land or territory ripe for evangelization of the Catholic Church the way its island neighbors and nearby countries in the South Pacific are ripe for such evangelization. Guam doesn’t have the characteristics of a mission church. Second, Guam’s laws and the influence of the American culture are more in keeping with context under which the USCCB operates. Conversely, to be subjected to the operations of Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, which is led by the red Pope: Cardinal Filoni is, for the most part, not applicable to Guam’s situation since it has been Catholic for hundreds of years. To have removed Guam’s membership in the US Catholic Conference of Bishops and move Guam to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples for personal gain (to have the title “Archbishop” instead of “Bishop”) is another damaging thing Fr. Apuron did to the local Church of Guam. The uncovering of the list of his terrible deeds goes on as time goes on. Reinstatement to the USCCB should be kept for consideration once all the primary mess gets straightened out.

  2. Tim great work in collecting all this documentation and presenting it in chronological order! The FACTS are great weapons against lies and deception. Now that HON has lost face it's time to put the pressure on Filoni the Red Pope to remove Apurun as Archbishop of Guam.

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  4. The picture says it all. Look at Apuron's eyes. Talking to someone but looking at where Msgr James is with the Cardinal. Jealousy? Lets go Hon! It took you 4 months to solve the easy puzzle. Where is Apuron? When Hon came to Mongmong, I asked where is AB Apuron. His answer, "when you find out we will both know". Needed a leader from Rome and we get a smart ass! Maybe not that smart just an, you finish the sentence!

    1. So you want to be that leader from Rome and be the smarter ars! Chagi fan !

  5. The race is worth running,
    the conflict is worth fighting;
    it was a good fight.

  6. Kudos to Fr. Jeff the Delegate for stepping up.

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  8. The picture looks like Apuron is whispering "I'm going to get Jimmy for this"!

  9. Hon. You are now batting one for one. You have been striking out until now. Keep hitting the right way. Then the Hon Go Home signs will come down.

  10. And the Truth shall prevail! I had tears in my eyes after watching this press conference. God is Not Sleeping. Congratulations Monsignor James and all True Catholics on Guam. A Battle is Won,but the War is not over.

    1. Does this mean Msgr. Benavente no longer needs a canon lawyer?

  11. One of the Best and Honest Priest I know of. Well Deserved Pal'e James

  12. Apuron: "Why are they so happy? Why am I so sad? This cannot be! This is my Cathedral, and I have the pointy hat, not the red-robed one! What do you think, Deacon Len? Maybe I should offer to sing at Communion Meditation to upstage Tagle. Bet he does not have a finer voice than mine."
    Deacon Stohr: "Might not be a good idea, Archbishop. After all, it is Msgr. Benavente's anniversary, not yours. You did not run it by him ahead of time, so. he might be offended."
    Apuron: "I swear on altar boys' asses, Len, you are on his side! This is MY Basilica, MY Cathedra, and you dare tell me to ask his permission?$&@#%}^*+!"
    Deacon Stohr: "Sorry, your eminence, holiness, excellency, grace, etc"
    Apuron: Well, then, watch what you say to me. I have neos ready to back me around the world. I will just sulk then, and look gloomy all through the Mass, hopefully will diminish the joy of these two! Darn, I am used to always being the center of attention around this island!"
    Deacon Len: "Yes, Archbishop. Whatever you say."
    Apuron: "Here, hold my golden cane. I am getting tired. When do we start this "Mass"? I prefer my neo-music. They don't even have flowers on the "table"? How boring without the clapping and dancing!"
    Deacon Len: "We are about to start, Archbishop, his eminence is ready."
    Apuron: "Hey hey hey! Don't rush you me! I have to think of ways to rid myself of this troublesome cleric. Maybe I need to read the Cliffnotes version of 'Murder in the Cathedral.' Something less dramatic than the way they dispatched Beckett. That might give me ideas..."

  13. I hope all those who believed (there were not a lot but there were some) the accusation will say a prayer asking for forgiveness.

  14. Well that short lived. The Catholic cemeteries of guam just filed a GPD report alleging Monsignor benavente used $13,000 for his personal use. Wow. Just wow!!

  15. Looks like the empire strikes back....complaint filed at GPD.

  16. hahaha..AAApuron's side look.

  17. Where was Hon? You would think he would be there for an announcement as critical as this.
    Was it because it is a local priest and not a Neo?

  18. Congratulations Monsignor James! Although it took an eternity to correct, it finally got fixed in a just and proper way. This is yet another revelation in recent days that show the stink of the NCW fruits.

    We heard from the Jungle Nation that the seminary was a scam and the kikos said no. Then the report was released which showed Tim was telling the truth and Apurun and his ilk were liars.

    We heard from the Jungle Nation that the NCW was interfering in the Church, and that they controlled what happens in the Chancery. Apurun and his manipulators said no. Then we see an email from Filoni blocking some Catholics from visiting the seminary (even after Fr Jeff the Delegate for Hon approved it). Tim was telling the truth and Apurun and his ilk were liars.

    We heard from the Jungle Nation that the malicious accusations against Monsignor James were without merit. Apurun and his evil henchmen took every opportunity to slam the priest without ever giving him due process. Hon gives Monsignor James due process and voila, all charges are found to be invalid and without merit. Tim was telling the truth and Apurun and his ilk were liars.

    Yes, these are the fruits of the kikos. Tear apart anyone who resists the Way, do dirty deeds in the dark of night, and work incessantly to cover up all these misdeeds with lies upon lies.

    The fruit is plentiful, and each piece turns out to be rotten to the core!

    Seminary Property
    Seminary Operating a Scam
    NCW Interference
    Sex Abuse Denials

    Apurun lied about them all and the lies have all been revealed.

    Congratulations tony boy. You're batting 0 for 6! I hope you have sweet dreams on that.


  20. Congratulations, Monsignor James! You had a lot of people supporting you, working hard to bring truth and justice for your cause, and restoring your good name and position. Although I am happy for you, I am sad for all of us who were wishing to have you back at the ACB. The good parishioners at St. Anthony's in Tamuning are lucky to have you as their rector. We bid you "adios esta ki" and wish you God's blessings in your journey.

    1. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)September 30, 2016 at 11:11 PM

      Correction: Fr. James' new appointment, effective 9/22/2016 is Pastor of St. Anthony and St. Victor Churches. "Pastor" is better than "rector"! ... and Fr. James is certainly deserving (and more) of this assignment! Biba!

  21. Seeing the picture of Apu-run and whoever is standing next to him is PRICELESS! Their eyes are so telling of what they are thinking!