Sunday, September 11, 2016


Posted by Tim

Referring to the refusal of David C. Quitugua to admit entry of the LFM despite an arrangement agreed to by Archbishop Hon in the person of his delegate, we must ask:

So how is it that the rector of RMS can overrule the Archbishop of Agana or the Vatican designee (Hon) acting with the same ecclesial authority? 

It is as we have said all along. RMS is NOT an institution within the control of the Archdiocese of Agana. It is fully in the control of the Neocatechumenal Way in the persons of the "Neocatechumenal Responsible Team for the United States, i.e. the Gennarini's and Angelo Poschetti. 

The autonomy of RMS is clearly stated in the Declaration of Deed Restriction which identifies RMS as "A SEE." 

A "SEE" is an ecclesiastical jurisdiction. It comes from the Latin word "sedes," which means "seat," denoting the center of authority. Normally a SEE refers specifically to a diocese. The Archdiocese of Agana is thus an "episcopal see." The Diocese of Rome is also an episcopal see but is referred to as the Holy See, since its bishop is the Holy Father. 

If RMS was part of the Episcopal See of the Archdiocese of Agana, as are all the parishes and schools of the diocese, it would not be referred to as its own SEE. Yet, it is. And it is, because IT IS: an ecclesiastical jurisdiction separate from the Archdiocese of Agana. 

It's hard to believe that Hon does not know this. In fact, I believe he does. In fact, I believe he is doing everything he can to save RMS and the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam because those are his orders. We simply have no reason to believe otherwise. Everything he has done, including now appointing David C. Quitugua, rector, is exactly as ordered. The "departure" of Pius and his feigned "obedience" is part of the ruse. 

Pius left because he was scared. He knows he can be deposed in the upcoming lawsuit and would be made to testify under penalty of perjury. So he's out-a-here. But he's still calling the shots. You can bet on that. And no doubt it was his doings that made David rector.

As Bob Klitzkie pointed out in his recent letters to Hon and the Presbyteral Council, in the Decree of Designation attached to the Declaration of Deed Restriction, David C. was given complete legal authority over RMS:

Appointing David C. rector completes the absolute Neo takeover of the property and shields David C. and his neocats from even the next bishop. Finally, David the Villain, David the "Vulnus," has what he always wanted: HIS OWN SEE. 


  1. Why are we wasting time with this clown, Defrock Apuron, Quitugua and Cristobal. These rotten apples in the barrel will always be the cause of trouble and uncertainty in the Archdiocese, Quitugua and Cristobal are just as guilty as Apuron in the destruction of the Archdiocese. Fire them all..

  2. Enough already! Let's get this law suit moving so the people will truly see that RMS is a ruse and that apuron gave it away.

  3. Yes, Defrock and bring to JUSTICE the serial Pedophile, the pathetic crystal balls and DQ da lurch.

  4. PDN is going to be Busy,Busy Busy in the Morning...Too many interesting articles to report and Print..Senators,people ALL over the world will be watching ..