Saturday, September 24, 2016


Posted by Chuck White


  1. Dear Cardinal Filoni,

    Welcome to Guam! Hafa Adai!

    You will find the people of Guam to be friendly, welcoming, generous, accommodating and respectful. This has been our tradition and our culture. In the last several decades people have taken advantage of these wonderful qualities and literally abused us. It is this abuse that has moved us to adopt a few more qualities: skepticism, the need to see proof, the strength and courage to speak out against injustice and the willingness to fight for what is right.

    So this is a fair warning to you and anyone who even thinks about messing with us: WATCH OUT!!! If not, you might feel the "sting" of our new residents:

    Vespa tropica, or the greater banded hornet, is found in Guam.
    Vespa tropica, or the greater banded hornet, is found in China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and the Philippines, according to the University of Guam. It was recently discovered on island.

  2. Cardinal Filoni - Typhoon Vespa Tropica is Alive in the Pacific so look out that you will not be hit or bitten by the "Sting" of these Vespa Tropica Residents!

  3. God be praised that the Governor signed into law a measure that protects the rights of abused children against their perpetrators to seek justice for the harm done them. No amount of financial concern should deprive them of this right. (jrsa: 9/24/16)

  4. ... And while Andrew extends a teasing welcome to Cardinal Filoni, and his serious warnings of a new species of militant Catholics in Guam, may I add that this new Army of Christ will continue to defend our Catholic Church, and will not buckle up under pressure until we rid ourselves of the very root of our problem, the Neocatechumenal Way and its evil influence on our Catholic Church. Now on to Round 2 of our fight!

  5. Yes, by all means, let us invite Filoni to Guam and have him met by Guam's welcoming committee -- the same ones that met Gennarini and his ilk. For sure, for sure!