Thursday, September 15, 2016


Robert Klitzkie, Esq.
22 Baki Ct., Yigo, GU 96929
(671) 653-6607

September 14, 2016

Subject: What next?

Re: Letters to Apostolic Administrator, et al.:
Yoña real property deeded away by Apuron; September 1, 2016
Msgr. David C. Quitugua, the Yoña property and the RMS; September 7, 2016
Attempted visit to the RMS Seminary per our email of September 1; September 8, 2016

Dear Father Jeff:

When we had breakfast on August 19 I shared with you the paper called Considerations that Greg Perez and I had presented to the Apostolic Administrator. I especially called your attention to ¶11) since it was you who had, in effect, replaced Quitugua:

11) Apuron’s chief henchmen, Vicar General David C. Quitugua and Chancellor Adrian Cristobal, not only continued as part of the Hon régime but have been showcased by Hon in newly formed ad hoc committees. Quitugua and Cristobal were replaced yesterday. Their replacements’ credibility will depend on inter alia two factors:

First, the degree to which Quitugua and Cristobal are prevented by Hon from using their positions influence, connections, power and alliances to maintain control of the archdiocese in the absence of their titles;

Two, the willingness of the replacements to counsel the Apostolic Administrator to  repudiate and apologize the flawed policies of the two and repair the damage that Quitugua (see 20) re Quitugua and the Umatuna.) and Cristobal caused.

Our breakfast was a follow up to the presentation that Dave Sablan, President of CCOG, Richard Untalan, former member of the Archdiocesan Finance Counsel and I made at the request of the Apostolic Administrator concerning  the return of the Yoña realty to the Archdiocese. My letter of September 1 was a follow up to that meeting. We were genuinely interested in assisting.

My letter of September 7 revealed my shock and amazement when the Apostolic Administrator appointed Quitugua the acting rector of the seminary on the Yoña realty, i.e. the RMS seminary. The letter detailed the participation of Quitugua in the giveaway of the real property and Quitugua’s role in the cover up to include his publication of the November 29 Umatuna.

The September 8 letter [which is now public] from Lou Klitzkie of the LFM to the Apostolic Administrator detailed how you let the same QUITUGUA overrule you and lock Lou and the other ladies out.

I gave it a few days so that you and the Apostolic Administrator could take action. However, neither you nor the Apostolic Administrator were courteous enough to even acknowledge receipt of any of the letters, especially Lou’s,  much less respond to them.

Needless to say, I can’t let any of this go. I do offer one piece of advice, though. The Apostolic Administrator might consider the complete removal words like “harmony” and “unity” from his rhetoric as their use being the height of insincerity.

The subject of this letter is “What next?” I’m sure you understand the meaning thereof given the course of dealing among us after my misbegotten attempt to be of assistance. You may rest assured, however, that what ever it is that you plan, I will be ready.


Robert Klitzkie

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