Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Posted by Tim

At the end of Fr. Jeff's public statement yesterday regarding the account brought forward by Ramon De Plata, we read the following:

I can't help but think that the real reason the Archdiocese wants "persons who have knowledge of sexual abuse by clergy" to call them is to intercept them before they go to the media as well as to prevent even more law suits.

Hon and Jeff have a pretty hard job now. After months of silence after the first Apuron victims/survivors came forward, they now want "persons who have knowledge of sexual abuse" to call them. 

Here's a couple of thoughts that might help.

I. Establish a policy which immediately provides legal protections for anyone who comes forward. Mr. De Plata did not just walk into the PDN office and say "Hey, I gotta story for you." He first contacted Attorney David Lujan's office. I don't know how the initial contact was made, but on this website is this ad to the right instructing "persons who have knowledge of sexual abuse" to contact Lujan's office. 

In fact, to show good faith, Hon and Jeff should retain Attorney Lujan to continue to provide this service. Instructing "persons who have knowledge of sexual abuse" to call the same chancery which for decades "bred and fed" these monstrous perverts, is ridiculous, and simply changing the names and faces at the chancery is nothing more than putting "lipstick on a pig." 

And this is especially true after we saw what Apuron did to his first accusers. Thank God those of us who were working to assist the victims had the foresight to get them legal protections before they went forward. Too bad Hon and Jeff don't see the necessity of doing the same thing. 

II. Get proactive. What is preventing Hon and Jeff from putting out their own ads - even in their own newspaper? What about radio and TV spots? What great credibility and good will would accrue to our church leadership if we were to see them actively searching for victims? And rather than spending our tens of thousands of dollars on that stupid, fake, pervert-making "seminary," how about spending that money searching for people like Mr. De Plata and others.

AND THERE ARE OTHERS! Mr. De Plata said he knew of others. In addition to the above tag at the end of their press statement, what are Hon and Jeff doing to find those "others?" We know now that there must be hundreds of victims of clergy sex abuse. Fr. Brouillard, who was active in this diocese from 1949 to 1981 publicly admitted he couldn't even estimate the number of boys he molested. And now with De Plata's revelation, the late Fr. Tony Cruz, who was a priest of the diocese for three decades, appears to have run a wide-open brothel which was literally "the ruin of many a poor boy" (House of the Rising Sun). With all of this now out in the open, what are Hon and Jeff doing other than to say call Deacon Len and appointing a person publicly at odds with church teaching on sexual morality to chair the committee to fix, um, well, a church policy on sexual morality! Geez. SMH!

III. PUBLICLY CONDEMN THE ACTIONS OF EDIVALDO! It sickens me and many others that Edivaldo is still comfortably ensconced in his pastorship at Chalan Pago (oh, the irony) when he was the one who publicly attacked Roy Quintanilla and Doris Concepcion after appointing himself spokesman for the archdiocese last May. It sickens me and many others even more that not one member of our diocesan clergy, other than Deacon Steve Martinez, spoke up in opposition to the Edivaldo's attack. At the most, all Hon and Jeff did was (on July 27) say that they "retract" those statements and that those statement do not "represent the opinion of the Archdiocese of Agana." 

The hell with that. Hon and Jeff, if you want any credibility, if you want victims to call you, then you first need to CONDEMN those statements, call out the rancid bag of disease who made them, and kick him the hell out of public ministry. Stick him over at RMS and give him "head detail" for the next five years, if not ship him back to Brazil. But what the hell! You prop him up as a pastor of a major parish and then let him tell you to your face that he is not going to obey you because "Apuron is his bishop." 

Seriously, man. I am having a hard time holding back the profanity since I have no other way to express the absolute absurdity of you saying that you take this stuff seriously while Edivaldo still runs the damn show.

Bring on the law suits. That's the only way these people learn.

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