Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Posted by Jose M

It is time to connect the dots from "Diana's" blog to the leadership of the NCW.  It's really not that difficult.  

As stated on an earlier post,  "One simply does not maintain a blog of this magnitude and have it linked on Pius' site without his approval and permission. Pius is responsible for "Diana." As is the Gennarinis and ultimately Kiko Arguello.

How? It's simple:

  • An NCW blog titled Neocatechumenal Way - An Insider's View is maintained by an anonymous person/persons named "Diana."
  •  "Diana" is a construct and approved by Pius, the lead catechist for the NCW on Guam 
  • Pius takes his direction from the Gennarinis, a husband and wife team and the lead catechists for the NCW in the United States, 
  • The Gennarinis in turn take their cues from Kiko Arguello, the leader and founder of the NCW.  

That "Diana" keeps promoting this narrative means that Pius has instructed and approved of it.  That Pius maintains a direct link from his website to the "Diana" blog demonstrates his concurrence with "Diana."  That Pius is able to maintain that link means that the Gennarinis have approved of Pius' Herald, "Diana," and the horrific statement on that blog.  That the Gennarinis have allowed Pius, via "Diana," to continue his attack on any and all victims of clergy child sexual abuse  is courtesy of permission from Kiko Arguellos.

How is it that all can be connected?

In the NCW, one does not offer any language or enter any activity as grand as the "Diana" blog without prior knowledge and approval from the top.  It's not a conspiracy theory, its a function of the method of how the NCW leadership keeps their members compliant and aligned with it's teachings.  They infiltrate and manipulate every aspect of their member's lives.  Those in community cannot and do not dispute this because they experience it every Saturday, at every convivence and in participation of the scrutinies.  

With that foundation made clear, what was it that "Diana" is now purporting?   It was not enough to accuse a child victim of sexual abuse as a "willing participant."

"Diana" is now promoting that Mr. De Plata is the person who alleges that the boy he witnessed that was being violated was a voluntary recipient. In addition, he is to blame for what happened to the victim and himself.

"Diana's" latest post is only made possible by express permission by Pius who answers to the Gennarinis who in turn take their instruction and teachings from Kiko. By logic, this blog still exists because no blog or statement to this degree can ever sustain without express permission and approval from the "chain of command."

If this is not the case, and "Diana" was a rogue NCW writer, Pius would not be maintaining his instructions to the communities and he would not be maintaining a direct link to "Diana's" blog.

"So what? Who cares?"

Good questions.  Frankly, most people don't, and admittedly, neither do I.  But....what I do care about is that Pius remains the lead catechist on Guam and his influence is everywhere in the lives of NCW members on Guam: our own friends and family.

When it comes to the NCW community member:

  • he is predominant in every NCW wedding;
  • decides whether a community member is allowed to accept a job promotion or decline a career;
  • determines if they go to college or enters the workforce;
  • permits or denies request to go off island to vaction or even visit family members, including determines the duration of the visit;
  •  is the final say in denying the passion of those who aspire to serve as an elected official or even instructing some to run for political office

This is just the short list!  Pius has ultimate say in all aspects of NCW community members lives.

 As someone who is so intimately involved in the lives of our islands loved ones, for him to maintain the antagonistic and horrific narrative of insisting that young male victims of clergy sexual abuse are merely willing participants through his platform and herald, "Diana" and the blog An Insider's View, any and all NCW community members on Guam who do not disavow Pius and his instructions to malign these victims, become the true willing participants to the depravity, perversion, contempt for abuse victims, and viciousness of any and all statements Pius promotes by permitting "Diana" to exist.

One last screencap to expose the damage of the NCW mindset.  If this is not the NCW mindset, then why is it being promoted by the NCW leadership?

What can we do?

  • Join the picketing every Sunday morning from 9am-9:45am in front of the Cathedral.  
  • Keep the discussion moving on local radio and print & social media 
  • Cease putting funds in the Sunday collection baskets (by default, the RMS siphons Church coffers) 
  • Write to the Vatican representative for our region.  Click here for the contact information.  (Although I, too, believe it is fruitless to do so, flooding all Vatican contacts with our letters and emails is a great method in transmitting our concerns and outrage!)
  • Pray for our Church, pray for our clergy, and pray for our brothers and sisters still walking in the NCW
  • Go to Mass, receive the Eucharist


  1. No comment can do justice to the idiocy of Diana. A thousand words couldn't describe her lunacy. No effort here will be made.

    But to Jose M., thank you for your post. It clears a lot of what I had thought about the chain of command structure in the kiko world. This is truly a diabolical cult that Rome will have to deal with.

    The more we shine the light onto the darkness of the kiko realm, the more people will be outraged and be resolved to demanding a solution.

    Rome, you should be frightened like hell of all that is kiko when you read the postings of a lead cult member in Guam called Mae Llanes, aka Diana.

  2. JUST AS IMPORTANT: You really all need to look at which candidates in the upcoming election is a member of the NCW. It's already bad enough that they've managed to influence the AG's office and Land Management. Do you really want any Neos in the legislature giving themselves more power and opportunities to promote their agendas?

  3. Blaming the victim? Seriously, that is the best she could come up with. It's pretty obvious that those in power wish to stay in power by continually berating and subjugating their victims even years after these atrocities have occurred. Shame on those who have no heart nor compassion to seek and know the truth in the eyes and experiences of those who have suffered.

  4. If "Diana" is still teaching, GDOE needs to be on RED ALERT because apparently, so long as the children under her care are "willing participants" in sexual acts, they're not being abused. Disgusting woman.

  5. Mae retired from teaching at BMS. However, there are many NEO members teaching at GW.

  6. Anon 9/13, 5:23 PM: Agreed that we need to be concerned about candidates in Guam's General Election who support the NCW. I'd appreciate it if you and/or others on this blog (Tim included) can identify them. I heard that Ms. Nelson may be one of them ...

  7. What is beyond me is the motive(s) Archbishop Hon might or might not have in keeping Pius on Island? He should be declared persona non grata.

    I am amazed that he does not have the nitty-gritty on Pius.
    I was led to believe that a file with Pius past sins, had been delivered to Hon and the congregation in Rome.

    The nuncio in Malta, has the whole story about Pius.
    It is absolutely disgusting.
    Others here on Guam are aware of his past. I believe they have had one on one with the Archbishop on this subject.

    As I said in one of my post, nothing happens in a vacuum. Pius was allowed to escape Malta, thanks to the underground network of the NCW. They have aided and abetted a seriously flawed individual, to hide, but even worse, they have put him in charge of their operation here on Guam.

    Again, they were fully aware of Apuron's past, and yet they used him to gain whatever advantages they could.

    In a similar manner they are very aware of the issues regarding Fr Luis, or Wadeson, yet they hide them, and facilitate their possible continuation of abuse.

    What we have here is an organization who knowingly use abusers, to manipulate and to deceive.
    It is not surprising then, that such dredge of society like Pius and Apuron have been protected all these years.

    Beside demanding Apuron be laicize, we need to demand that Pius be expelled.

    1. Frenchie....I had thought the stinky one left Guam. He has not???