Saturday, September 3, 2016


Posted by Tim

Dear Archbishop Hon, I just wanted you to know that The Diana has judged you and found you sinful:

So maybe you'll start taking us seriously now, something you should have done from the beginning. We could have helped you clean everything up in your first two weeks. But then you weren't here to do that, were you. So now you see what happens when you hang with dogs, you get fleas, and I understand that you are now off to Rome to get some flea spray.

Now, on to a couple other items. Hon does not have the authority to rescind the deed because first of all the deed cannot be "rescinded." Unfortunately, Hon keeps using this language even though the likes of Klitzkie and Untalan have informed him otherwise. There is no such thing as "rescinding" a deed. 

But the real reason Hon has no authority to do anything about the deed is because the property belongs to RMS. All of these neo-idiots (Ric Eusebio included) want to run their mouths about how this isn't true, but NOT ONE of them have produced a single piece of paper showing their view to be true, NOT ONE! Meanwhile, we have produced a bona fide legal opinion, backed up by facts stated by people who actually know something about land titles (Klitzkie and Untalan) as well as the former legal counsel, Ed Terlaje. All they have is a doctor in a white coat reading a freaking script. LOL. 

And The Diana's last line is a crack up. LOL. "The fact that Archbishop Hon can install a new rector is already evidence that the Archdiocese of Agana is the owner of the Yona property. You're a hoot, May, er, I mean Diana. RMS  begun in 1999, 3 years before the property was purchased. RMS exists independently of whatever property it happens to be occupying. You're a freak, Diana. Don't know what I'm gonna do for fun when you're gone. AND YOU WILL BE GONE. 

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