Saturday, September 3, 2016


Posted by Webster.

The picket is not about Fr. Paul. It goes way beyond Fr. Paul.

The Picket Line represents our collective effort to stand up against a bad archbishop and for justice. It is the LINE that we have drawn against evil and injustice. Yes, we are fighting the Devil that has infiltrated the highest ranks of our Catholic Church in Guam. The Picket Line represents our stance: Evil No More.

The 9:30 mass at the Cathedral Basilica is the mass designated as the mass of the Archbishop of Agana. It is a high mass. We picket this mass because of its symbolic significance.

Fr. Paul was a casualty of this war. We won a battle for Fr. Paul. That is all. However, we are not even close to winning our war against the Devil.

To break the Picket Line by attending Fr. Paul's installation is telling our Enemy that we can be easily won over. "Throw them some bread and the peasants will forget why they are fighting," says the Devil.

We are the peasants. Breaking the Picket Line dilutes our efforts. It weakens it. It shows the Enemy that we can be easily bought.

I am sure that Fr. Paul himself agrees. I am sure he will be dismayed if we weaken our resolve by breaking the Picket Line. Fr. Paul knows that there is a lot more at stake here than the celebrating of his installation. He took a stance against evil and injustice three years ago. We took up arms and fought for and with him. Those three years were "painful and arduous" for him, for us.

Let us not cheapen our struggle with him by capitulating at the first sight of victory.  

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