Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Posted by Tim

Ric Eusebio continues to make himself a cartoon - a white-coated emblem of what Kiko Arguello Kool Aid (KAKA) does to he brain. 

In the Daily Post story, Eusebio blames everyone but himself for the passage of Bill 326 and its enactment into law as P.L. 33-187

But here's the big funny:
"Eusebio began advocating against the passage of the bill last week as it awaited a decision by the governor on whether to sign it."
So, "the doctor" waits till AFTER the bill has passed to begin "advocating against" it. LOL. Ummm, Earth to Eusebio, that's why public hearings are called PUBLIC hearings. They are called PUBLIC hearins so that the legislature can hear the PUBLIC. But Eusebio wasn't there. 

Eusebio did not submit even so much as letter, but now suddenly he's an expert as to what the new law does and doesn't do, and on what everybody else should or shouldn't have done:
"He further blamed the passage of the bill by the legislature on Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai, apostolic administrator to the Archdiocese of Agana. Eusebio's criticism of the archdiocesan administration was fueled by reports that church authorities failed to weigh in on the bill while the legislature was accepting testimony.'
How do you not add an SMH and an LOL to this lunacy. Seriously, he, Dr. Ric Eusebio, who had every opportunity, right, and duty to "weigh in on the bill while the legislature was accepting testimony," DID NOTHING, but he is willing to criticize Archbishop Hon for doing nothing. 

Do you see what KAKA does to your brain, folks? Do you see here the real fruit of the Neocatechumenal Way? This guy is a CATECHIST. He is in charge of the shaping of your soul if he is YOUR catechist. 

I mean, seriously, this guy had no problem going PUBLIC a couple weeks ago to defend Apuron, Pius, and RMS. But he said NOT a word against Bill 326...ummm, until it PASSED! 
"Bill 326, in addition to monetary restitution for all, could have been about the types of family support the government would have been able to provide for families identified to be at risk for child abuse," he said. "Instead, sadly, it focused on the perceived injustice of alleged victims of the Catholic Church."
More SMH and LOL. The words "Catholic Church" NEVER appeared in the bill. Neither its author nor the legislature as a whole ever brought up the words "Catholic Church." Not even the victims who publicly testified in support of the bill used the words "Catholic Church" other than to say they still love and do not blame the Church. 

No, the words which were brought up over and over again were not the words "Catholic Church!" but the two words and one initial which is what Eusebio is really upset about: ANTHONY S. APURON. 

Thanks, Ric. Thank you for your constant and very visible reminder of what KAKA does to the brain. 

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