Monday, September 26, 2016


Hafa Adai my friends and family,

Our island family has been through much these past several months. I hope that we can now move forward and begin the process of healing.

Just as Pope Francis called on us to pray for the victims of sexual abuse during a Worldwide Day of Prayer, I ask everyone to pray for our island’s victims of this heinous crime, most especially the vulnerable of our community, our children.

In the words of Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz: “This universal expression of healing and sorrow, joined by our brothers and sisters around the world, will be a powerful reminder that no survivor should walk the path toward healing alone.”

We pray that the survivors of sexual abuse begin the healing process. We pray they receive deep comfort in the support of their family and friends and from the community. We pray that what has been stolen and broken will be restored. Most of all, we will continue to proactively protect our children and our island from this horrible injustice, so that no individual will have to undergo this pain and suffering.

God bless our children, our families and our island of Guam.


  1. Once again a Calvo speech more spiritual than anything Apuron or Hon could produce in a homily. Maybe because he meant it and the two bishops don't. Now that's crazy!

  2. Today's church on this island is all about money and greed. It's fitting because of the way the neos have invaded Catholicism and have been massively acquiring the assets of the catholic faithful which was built by our parents and grandparents before us.

    Let's pray that the pope addresses the issues of abuses which has been covered up by idiots like tony and hon and whoever else that we don't know of yet. Let's pray for the healing of all victims who have bravely come out and for those who still haven't come out. I pray that our faith keeps us all strong and I pray that Rome starts doing the right thing.

  3. It really is quite alarming when our religious leaders are more concerned with the materialistic wealth of the Church, where as our Governor is encouraging us to pray for the victims, and for healing on the island. Kudos Governor Calvo, your response to the welfare of the victims and protection of our children should be an example for our religious leaders to follow. God Bless You Governor Calvo.

  4. Thank you Governor Calvo for your words of healing and hope. It is what the victims need at this moment to know they are not alone.
    It is unfortunate that our Church leaders are more concerned with temporal set backs, instead of spiritual ruin of the Church and its perpetrators.
    Gov Calvo, you are a true leader!

  5. Thank you Governor Calvo. This is a step in the right direction. There are many miles to go.

    Please consider teaching homiletics at RMS. They could certainly use the help!

  6. I am happy to say this is not a new way of being for Governor Calvo. It's the very same stand he took in the legislature that I and many others who work with children and our island's most vulnerable citizens with mental health disabilities have experienced since 1999. Thank you Governor Calvo for true leadership with a deep spirituality and a real and balanced caring compassion for our island's children and those who are most vulnerable. God Bless you and your family and all the children and adults who have been horribly shamed and abused. May all now find true peace.

  7. Thankyou Gov. Calvo.
    In 2003 i was admitted to New York Presbyterian hospital as a result of sexual abuse on Guam a decade before.
    To hear your address today gives great hope that together we can heal the past.
    Thankyou and God Bless.

  8. Good Bless you, Governor. What a great speech to hear in the morning. You are truly the Governor of the people. Thank you for standing up for the victims.

  9. With certitude I can say now, that not a few of us (but it was the majority of our Catholic faithful) who were quite disappointed -- not to mention spiritually demoralized -- to have heard and learned where our local Church hierarchy and most of our clergy stood on Bill 326, whose end was primarily to protect our children against sexual abusers, and whose intention was to deter child sexual molesters and predators from hiding behind institutions, societies and religious cultures or religious movements and charisms.

    Thank you for signing Bill 326 into law, Governor Calvo! You and our Senators, like the few clergy who in conscience stood with the faithful in full support of this Bill, easily and readily recognized and understood what those most basic of human and spiritual values and possessions are which our Creator, Himself, expect we hold with the highest of dignity and sanctity, thus demanding our primary consideration and protection over and above -- even expecting to sacrifice -- material possessions, buildings, even money, personal gratifications and our desire for power, titles or positions.

    Senator Frank Blas and the senators in his committee worked diligently to find ways to make Bill 326 happen and to garner the majority of their colleague’s support -- which they easily and readily gotten. We wholeheartedly thank them, too and the faithful for the tenacity they displayed in supporting and praying for the passage of this Bill. We held our breathe once we knew the Bill made it to your desk and was only a signature away from becoming the law of Guam, Governor!

    Today, mothers and fathers, grandparents and families on Guam are deeply grateful and thankful for the position you took in acknowledging the needfulness on Guam for Bill 326 and for sharing our belief and regard for the incalculable worth we place over our innocent and vulnerable precious gifts from God -- our children.

    1. Both the Governor's letter and the address took Hon to school.

  10. Viva, Gov. Calvo! If this newly signed Bill bankrupts the rotten Archdiocese, tough!

    Dump Apuron and Hon, throw out the rest of their Neocat trash and rebuild our Church from scratch in the image and likeness of Christ.

  11. Thank you Gov Calvo. God bless you and your whole family.

  12. BRAVO Governor Calvo. As known that AA Apuron our Catholic Shepherd has sided with the members of the NCW, has changed bosses to care for and answer to (not his flock) not you either, or the Pope, and certainly not God. He has destroyed the people of Guam and our beautiful island. Biba Governor Eddie Calvo for shinning light on our island. Si Yuós Maáse to you and God bless your family.