Friday, September 9, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Dr. Ric Eusebio posed as quite an expert on the Redemptoris Mater Seminary last week on KUAM, but when interviewed on the Big Show by Travis Coffman yesterday, he seemed strangely ignorant of the details and even a bit petulant.  What a difference a week makes!

First, let's recall some of the things he said last week :

Last week he said that he'd been a member of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary Board of Directors for 14 years...

Last week, he knew exactly how many priests the seminary has produced...

Last week, he knew all about the seminary's supposed accreditation and status of it's graduates:

Quite the expert, right?  Now listen to him answer some seemingly easy questions on Travis's show this week. He seems to have gotten ignorant all of a sudden:

Travis: Last questions, and this is posed by one of our listeners, and there's four.  Do you have the names of - and this person says "the stable" - but full-time professors at the University [seminary]? I guess the group of full-time professors? Do you have a list of them?

Dr. Ric: I don't, I'm not involved in that.

Travis:  Okay, he's not involved in that. And he said basically that wasn't, that was the purview of the other group,

Dr. Ric: Actually the rector and the vice rector.

Travis: The rector and the vice rector, okay. Second, so if you don't have the list, you wouldn't know what their necessarily credentials are.  Do you have any idea why the Samoan bishops withdrew their seminarians?

Dr. Ric:
I have some ideas, but I would rather not discuss it.

Travis: Okay, so he...

Dr. Ric: I have ideas, but nothing, I don't know anything...

Travis: It's speculation, so you don't know for sure, okay.

Travis: Why did the Archbishop, Archbishop Hon remove Fr. Pius as the rector of the seminary?

Dr. Ric:
I don't know why, um, Archbishop Hon removed Fr. Pius as rector of the seminary, but I will tell you that, um, Fr. Pius is a member of the Board of Directors and as a member of the Board of Directors, he, uh, he is part of the corporate entity, for which the Archbishop Apuron is the sole member as a corporate sole. And it is, uh, normally in a corporate setting the person who appoints you is also the only person who can remove you, so, whether he has the authority to remove Fr. Pius or not is a question.

Travis: I see, I see.

So, this week it's not "the truth as I know it" for Lil' Dr. Ric, the veteran 14-year board member, but rather, "I don't know, I'm not involved in that, I'd rather not discuss it..."  And to top it off, he questions Archbishop Hon's authority!


  1. Petulant arrogance. Condescendingly arrogant. Arrogantly dismissive.

    I wonder if his bedside manners with his patients is better.

    1. Eusebio is petulant, condescending, dismissive and arrogant to his non-neo patients.

  2. Typical neocat response, they seem to know it all, until you put them up for questioning before a public forum, then somehow they don't know anything. Bunch of liars..

  3. - Why is it that we are surrounded by so many Liars and, and my opinion, Non-Catholic in Our Catholic Churches? Get Out of Our Churches and start your own! But then you will not be getting the money that True Catholics give to their Churches because They Truly Believe in Our One God and His True Churches. And not to be mean but some of these NEO followers just do not look right! It used to be that people for the Catholic Churches look so normal and wholesome! Now they look like they are out for themselves! Please note that these are my personal opinions!

  4. - Strange looking man in my book!

    1. - Yes he is in my book too but I am more surprised that he is a doctor! I am wondering what his bedside manner is like! Wow!

    2. Ask one of his mistresses.

    3. Who in their right mind would want to awake from surgery looking at that scowling face. I am trying, but I just don't see any joy in this man. How long has he been in the way, and he still seems to have a miserable life?
      Warning to anyone who is thinking of joining this cult based on their sales slogan "Invitation to Joy":
      The sales pitch sounds good, but the reality is they keep you in a miserable state while convincing you that your sinful self loathing can only be cured by drinking the KAKA.
      Don't but this B.S.!

    4. Is that what they refer to as an "Invitation to Joy"? Infidelity?

  5. Another puppet who was made to read a prepared script, then folds when scrutinized in public. The only thing missing in that pathetic performance was the infamous fist-bumping by Edivaldo in the background. Endless entertainment that we do not need but, nonetheless, thank you, Neo-Monkeys! Keep making asses of yourselves.

    1. Monkey see, monkey do. All the neo/kiko leaders rushing to support the serial sex abuser, and his money grabbing/land grabbing co-horts. Ask yourselves why they are so anxious to lie so boldly in front of their neighbors?
      Answer: Follow the money!

  6. Sure sounds like a cult to me.

  7. The good doctor seems to have a rectal blockage and is therefore full of it!

    How can he be so authoritative last week and then so clueless yesterday. The answer is simple. When your intention is to mislead lieing is easy. But that damn Travis is asking actual questions that require actual answers. Damn him. (lightbulb goes on in his mind) I don't know, that's not under my purview. LOL.

    Dr, you are so pathetic. But at least we have another example of the"kaka rot" that is the true fruit of the way.

    Start your own church and leave our Church alone!

  8. Great job doc! Way to go when you question his authority! So when he fires you will you leave? When he demands you return the property to the people of Guam will you comply?

    You've already shown that you won't listen to Rome, so I guess we can pretty much figure out how you will react to Hon.

    But if Kiko said return it, it would be done in an instant, and your reward would be an all expense paid trip to the Kiko spaceship in Galilee.

    Seems to me the solution is easy and straightforward.
    1. Hon must replace all board members at RMS.
    2. Then add his own selections as additional guarantors to get a majority
    3. Rome must decertify the NCW and cut them out of the Church.

    Problem solved in Guam and in the world.
    You're welcome!

  9. Maryann would have been a better neo rep for the interview. She is better coached by Adrian. Still, I am sure she is very proud of her man.

  10. Dr. Eusebio lately you're replies when interviewed, the "I think", and the "I don't knows" leads me to question your professionalism in the medical field. You are scary, really? Do you recommend you're patients for any medical referral? If so, are you're recommendations based under "I think" and "I don't know" diagnoses. Though here's a vote for you, Doc......Anony 2:26 One last note - you are too funny?

    Posted by Diana at 6:18 PM

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    AnonymousSeptember 9, 2016 at 2:26 AM
    I truly believe that the RMS will be Archbishop Apuron's legacy to this island and with great certainty in the Diocese's best interest. I do not understand why the LFM and twin CCOG do not see the good that will come out of all of this. If they want to KILL the RMS good luck and not if those seminarians Father in heaven has anything to say about it!
    Good job Dr. Eusebio and thank you for setting the record straight. One last note - any politician who aligns him or herself with the LFM and CCOG WILL NOT have my vote !


  11. I would like to know if seminarians entering RMS undergo HIV Testing?

    1. Worse than HIV... They are infected with Kaka. We know that for sure.

      What we don't know:
      1. Do they even have high school diplomas
      2. What is their family and criminal background
      3. When ordained will their immigration status allow them to stay in Guam (why has Pedro Durango been gone since the day he was ordained?)

      What we do know:
      1. No background check
      2. No psych evaluation
      3. No bachelors degree required
      4. No masters degree earned
      5. Apuron has no say in who gets ordained
      6. Giuseppe controls everything
      7. Apurun gave away RMS property for free
      8. Pius gone (only good news from above list)

      Come on Hon. Get real and flex your power!