Sunday, September 4, 2016


Posted by Jose M.

The sidewalk was crowded, the picket line extended further than ever before!

When it was announced that Fr. Paul Gofigan's installation Mass would occur at 9:30 am, some took to their keyboards to opine their position in reference to continuing the picket.  I am not sure why there was even any discussion.  Everything we have been protesting for are still in place.  Nothing has changed to justify abandoning our weekly morning display.

Roland Sondia, survivor.

Apuron has not been "defrocked;"

the sham RMS still exists in Yona and thus is still siphoning from our Archdiocesan coffers;
Roy Quintanilla, survivor.

and most importantly, justice for Apuron's victims survivors has not been served.

We cannot rest, we must not pause, we will not cease until our Church is restored.

For more pics from today's record breaking number of participants protest,  click here.

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