Friday, September 23, 2016


Posted by Tim

Bill 326 threatens nonprofit institutions (submitted by Ken Carriveau)
I wish to comment on Mr. David Sablan’s statement made in a recent Pacific Daily News article: “Where was Archbishop Hon and the other members of the clergy when the Legislature held public hearings and comment period on the bill? This is a case of fear mongering.” I suggest that it is not a “case of fear mongering,” but rather, as in my case, a matter of following federal guidelines. Confusion over the ban on political activity by tax-exempt organizations has existed ever since it was first imposed by Congress in 1954. CONTINUED

To which I left the following comment:

Seriously, Ken. You mean to tell me that all those years you priests turned your pulpits into podiums to lobby against gambling, you were actually violating IRS rules? And if a ban against churches participating in political activity kept the archdiocese from submitting testimony against Bill 326 then you are then admitting that it is now violating that ban by submitting petitions for the governor to veto the bill? People of Guam. Do you see why we need Bill 326 to become law?

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