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KUAM: Seminary board rejects conspiracy theory

Ric Eusebio wants to give us his "side of the story." So let's do this.

Eusebio tells us in his response to KUAM that he wants to "clarify some misconceptions or misunderstandings revealing the truth as I know it." Well, Ric, there's the problem. It's as YOU "know it." And who are you? An attorney? NOT. At least back up your "truth as you know it" with an actual document, you know, something other than your mouth. 

Eusebio says that RMS is an "Archdiocesan missionary seminary ordaining and educating diocesan priests." That's bullshit, Ric. Then why did Apuron start a second seminary? What's different about RMS? Oh, could it be that RMS only forms priests "following the life and itinerary of the Neocatechumenal Way?" (RMS Articles of Incorporation, Article 3)

And don't give us this crap that the only difference is that the Neo is "missionary." That's bullshit, Ric. Obviously "the life and itinerary of the Neocatechumenal Way" is DIFFERENT than the real diocesan priesthood or there would have been no need to establish a second seminary - which, by the way, only pretends to be a seminary. 

Eusebio says "They are missionary however and may be sent on missions at the discretion of the Archbishop." That's bullshit, Ric. A diocesan bishop has NO AUTHORITY to send his priests anywhere but to someplace within his own diocese. 

Eusebio says "The Archdiocese of Agana is a Corporation Sole, the Redemptoris Mater House of Formation is a Corporation sole." That's bullshit, Ric. First of all, it is NOT the Archdiocese which is a Corporation Sole, it is the office of the incumbent Archbishop. That's why the full legal name is: 

Second, RMS is NOT a Corporation Sole, it is a regular Guam non-profit corporation, which is why Article I of its Articles states:

RMS was NOT formed as a Corporation Sole otherwise it would say so in its name. And of course it cannot be formed as a corporation sole because under Guam law only a PERSON can become a corporation sole:
18 GCA§ 10102. Religious Corporations. Corporation sole. For the administration of the temporalities of any religious denomination, society, or church, and the management of the estates and properties thereof, it shall be lawful for the bishop, chief priest, or presiding elder of any such religious denomination, society, or church to become a corporation sole unless inconsistent with the rules, regulations, or discipline of his religious denomination, society, or church or forbidden by competent authority thereof.
An institution cannot become a corporation sole. Only a bishop, chief priest, or presiding elder, that is, a person, can become a corporation sole. This is why the legal name of the corporation sole is NOT "Archdiocese of Agana" but "Archbishop of Agana." 

Had RMS not incorporated itself separately from the Archbishop of Agana it would be part of the Corporation Sole, "Archbishop of Agana." However, IT IS NOT. Eusebio simply parrots the bag of bullshit put forth by Gennarini and Pius to mask their deception. They say because RMS has only one member (incorporator) that RMS is a corporation sole. LOL. Stupid. Or at least they think we are.

Eusebio gives us the tired old "legal the Lewis Roca Rothgerber law firm from Denver." Oh yawn. That's bullshit, Ric. Where is it, Ric? Why did Apuron hide it from public view after Attorney Jacques Bronze went to take a look at it? If it proved what you jokers say it proves you would have it published all over the Umatuna and every website you could get a hold of. Instead, no one knows where the hell it is. LOL. That's bullshit, Ric. 

Eusebio tells us that Hon "claims that the Holy See directed Archbishop Apuron to lift or rescind this deed but failed to clarify that the office making this "request" was his very own Congregation of Evangelization and he as the Apostolic delegate was the one making the request."

LOL, Ric. That's bullshit. First, Hon is NOT the "Apostolic delegate." Hon is the Apostolic Administrator. Archbishop Krebs is the Apostolic Delegate. But then you don't know the difference, do you? You certainly don't know the difference between the "Holy See" and the pope. You know why you don't know the difference? BECAUSE THERE IS NONE. The Holy See IS the pope. No congregation can issue a single order without his knowledge and consent. The pope has better things to do that to sit around wiping Neo-asses, so that's why he has Congregations take care of crap like yours. 

But, poor Ric. Here, you really show your pathetic ignorance about this because in the very same paragraph, you demand that we accept the opinion of the Congregation of Legislative Texts. You go on to tell us that this Congregation is "the highest Vatican Body for the interpretation of legislative act (sic)." Hello, Ric? Hello! Anybody home? Well the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples of which Hon is the Secretary is the "highest Vatican Body" overseeing the affairs of the Archdiocese of Agana. Too funny, Ric. You trash the authority of one Congregation and you demand that we accept the authority of another simply because the second says what you want it to say. That's bullshit, Ric. 

Eusebio goes on to give us the blah, blah, blah about the accreditation by the Lateran and all that crap. LOL. Why don't you have the Lateran write a letter affirming the current accreditation. That would be easy wouldn't it. By the way, you should know. I have a copy of the conditional accreditation from 2012, emphasis on "conditional." Do you know why it was "conditional," Ric? Why don't you tell us. And while you're at it, why don't you go ahead and publish the names and GUAM addresses of that list of permanent professors. 

But here's the main deal, Ric. If the seminary is all you say it is and if the Yona property plays such an important role in the future of forming priests, then WHY THE HELL WAS IT ALL DONE IN SECRET? 

Why the hell did I have to discover (uncover) it THREE YEARS after the deal was done? Why the hell wasn't it announced with pride in the Umatuna? Why wasn't there some grand celebration? 

Given all you freaks say about the seminary, one would think that giving the property to RMS permanently would be something you would want to go public in a big way. But no. It was a secret, a secret, a secret. 

Therein, folks, lies the truth. The recording of the deed, notarized by a member of Eusebio's own Barrigada community, was a secret. We were not supposed to find out about it. 

That's bullshit, Ric. And so is your pathetic, lying-ass "Way."

Oh, by the way, Ric. Looks like you're calling Hon a liar.

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