Thursday, September 1, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Yes. Carmen has done her third miracle. 
During his last "vocational meeting" in San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia (Spain), a place where he always goes for his holidays (some brothers of the Way use to lend him a nice luxurious home each summer), last August 29 Kiko announced it.

Kiko started the meeting asking people for applause for Carmen. After a long hand claping, he said:

"She is in Heaven, we hope...we hope she is in Heaven and now she is watching us, she has already done three miracles, so... she will continue doing more. A young girl from Caravaca was in coma, her father was watching Carmen's Funeral on 13TV and after listening to Padre Mario, he thought "I am going to ask Carmen to help my daughter". Doctors gave her only two hours of life. That father prayed Carmen to heal his daughter and suddenly she started to improve and now she is perfectly alive. Doctors do not have any explanation for it. And I could tell you more facts..."

Here is the link in Spanish:

Maybe Apuron should entruste to her! 


  1. Even Carmen can't help Archie. Apuron is so deep, not one angel would even want to come close to him, except St. Michael...

  2. Man, if the head Neo can spin stories like these, no wonder the Guam Neos are so ga ga over him. Carmen did more than Mother Teresa according to Kiko. She needs to be a saint now according to Kiko!. (Excuse me while I puke.) The boy even has more facts, just like Diana's facts or Eusebio's facts. Eusebio says people are afraid of the Neo Way because we don't understand the way. Actually we understand the way from all those who have dropped out of the NCW and have been pursued by the way and that is why we don't like you guys. We are not afraid, just fed up! Build your own churches, buy your own land. Be the religion you want to be on your own dime! How hard is that? Luther did it. Calvin did it. Now you and Kiko can do it! You keep playing with words but the real documents and facts have already been laid out. Archbishop Hon said return the property. The Pope said return the property. Is Kiko greater than the Pope? Based on the story above he seems to be. At least in your Neo mind.

  3. Satan used to be an angel...

  4. KIKO Go tell it to the Marines. You pathetic wanna be prophet.