Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

Yes, it was. Now I can understand why Kiko and Carmen were so determined to defend the little one in front of the massive. This is the only thing they prefer "in a few". 

These pictures are from Seminary Redemptoris Mater of Brasilia website and show the pure super holy way to celebrate the New Year's coming in any particular living room.

First dinner with loved ones (supposedly they were at upper neocat catechist's home in that country) and after that, a little neocatechumenal Eucharist at home. 

Pictures are from the times the founders visited Brasilia, Brazil, before RM Seminary was built. We are talking around 90's of past century. Note they yet used all neo-liturgical items Kiko has impossed during decades for the whole neocatechumenal universe.

It is nice to look at the little table on the corner, where are the silverware and else for the previous dinner. Very familiar. I hope they did not forget to clean the tablecloth before celebrating.

They are so few that is not needed for Father Mario Pezzi to make an extra effort. The one who seats close to Carmen is a presbyter, he passes her the chalice for Communion although he has not celebrated as a priest.

NOTE 1: I can not offer the link because suddenly it is broken. The main web is www.rmater.org.br Of course, I have not included those pictures were the house owners appeared.

NOTE 2: If you are thinking on having a Eucharist at your home with your most loved and relatives, please ask catholic Church for orientation, because if you are not Kiko or Carmen you will not be easily allowed. But only if you want to obey to be right.
If you prefer doing things as neocatechumenals use to do, then do not ask for any permission. 

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