Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Guam Daily Post, Tuesday, September 13, 2016, page 2
John O'Connor


  1. As Vince Pereda said, Apurun is a serial sex abuser. We see from Mr Deplata that Apurun had this sick mindset since even before he was a priest. I guess there were no psychology evaluations back then. Too bad because this could have all been avoided - 30 years of misery at the hands of this beast.

  2. Horrific and disastrous for the Church when she validated Apuron as a bishop . A sick and pathetic man of the cloth who carried on his charade and thought no one will pursue his lustful past. His pride and arrogance were his downfall. I prefer to soeak of apuron in the past tense. He is a has-been! Cannot wait for the court of law to summon him and take the stand. Vindication for survivors to see him in handcuffs and given the full measure of his crime.

  3. What boggles my mind is that, we now know there were at least three priests that have been implicated in the serial abuse of altar boys, so we can surmise that there were more altar boys (many more, if we believe Brouillard), and furthermore, surmise that there must have been more priests/seminarians/ministers/church workers that could have and should have known about this abuse or maybe even been directly involved in the abuse or the coverup of abuse. This not only makes me sick, it makes me very mad that all these adults (including parents) did not care to believe or protect these children. Sure, I know that the Chamoru culture at the time and the deeply imbedded mindset of Catholics to the obedience and reverence of their dearly beloved priests played a major role in these "secrets"and coverups. So the question is, what are we going to do about it now? That "investigation" is key because if there are more victims out there, we should do everything in our power to get them to come forward, testify, and offer healing/counseling/compassion to them. The recently passed Bill 326-33 that lifted the statute of limitations for sexual abuse was also very important to solving this problem. No matter how dirty and embarrassing it gets, the truth must come out so that we can prevent it (or at least put measures in place so that it would be very hard) from happening again to our children, especially in what should be safe places like their homes, schools and churches. And its not just priests that are the culprits here. Our society as a whole on Guam needs to have this discussion in our schools and in community forums because as we read in the headlines almost on a weekly basis, there are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, teachers, coaches, etc. that are perpetuating this power and control over children (and wives/girlfriends). STOP SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN!!!

    1. We have already seen how the archdiocese investigates itself (a la Luis Camacho). Why should we think that they will do anything different now? I can bet that we won't hear a word about the so-called investigation.

    2. 1 Call the bluff of poseurs like Hon. 2 Walk that picket line every Sunday.