Saturday, September 3, 2016


Posted by Bob
Chess is an ancient game which may have originated in China. We're witnesses to the play of a chess master--AB Hon. There are a couple bishops in our game, Hon on the left and Apuron on the right. Hon sees us as pawns.

The object of chess is to put the other side in checkmate. Checkmate means to end the game; to win the game. Hon came here for one purpose only; to win the game, i.e. protect the neocats and their seminary property and act as horse-holder for Apuron until he could come back. Hon soon found out that the pawns scattered around the board in the form of the CCOG, LFM, Silent No More and various and assorted members of the laity AND THEIR PESKY PICKET LINE were much more than he had bargained for. Hon had to use his skills a chess player.

Hon's a master of the chess technique called the gambit. A gambit is a move that appears to sacrifice a chess piece in order to gain a positional advantage on the board.  Here's an example:  Hon takes Pius off the board and replaces him with  Quitugua, the younger. Hon "sacrificed" a top neocat--hooray! Hon then sends Quitugua, another neocat, to the seminary as rector keeping the seminary under neocat control. Because Pius dissed Hon, sending him packing was really no sacrifice at all and Hon strengthened his position with the seminary because Quitugua is easier to control than Pius.

Here's another gambit:  Hon seemingly concedes a point and moves a pawn, Father Paul, to the Cathedral, as rector without removing the Decree of Removal against Father. Since Apuron is the Archbishop of Agana and has been held out as the Pastor of the Cathedral, Fr. Paul is in a very precarious position to deal with the neocats for whom the Cathedral is next to the seminary in their occupational scheme. Hon may very well have placed Fr. Paul in a more precarious position than his last assignment. Hon of course has ultimate control over Fr. Paul who is rector, not pastor, and thus cannot avail himself of the protections accruing to a pastor.

Moving Fr. Paul to the Cathedral achieves another procedural advantage for Hon. Placing Fr. Paul at the Cathedral BLOCKS the return of Msgr. James to the place to which he should rightfully return--the Cathedral.  But no one could now make that demand because, well...Father Paul is there.

Clever as the Pius gambit is it pales in comparison the Fr. Paul gambit. Hon's going for checkmate here. By deliberately conflicting the time of weekly picket at the Cathedral with the installation of Fr. Paul as the rector, Hon hopes to break the picket line that has been the key to our success. Hon's maneuver is to get people to go the installation instead of the picket or even worse to stack the picket signs at 9:30 and go inside to the installation or by demonstrating a lack of dedication, sincerity and commitment to both the Mass and the picket line by going inside at 9:45.

Clever Hon with one move cements the control of the neocats over the Cathedral, diminishes Fr. Paul further, blocks the return of Msgr. James to the Cathedral and takes a hard shot at our picket line.

Don't let Hon checkmate us. If we must be pawns let us not break our ranks.

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