Saturday, September 3, 2016


Posted by Webster.

Someone asked me: why are we holding a picket during Fr. Paul's installation mass? I replied: It is because of the PICKET LINE that Fr. Paul is now saying mass as the Rector of the Cathedral Basilica.

The Picket Line is more than just walking in line, 6 feet apart, without break, under the hot sun for 45 minutes.

It is a SYMBOL.

It is a symbol of our commitment. It is a symbol of our perseverance. It is a symbol of our cause.

It is a symbol that we will never give up, no matter how bleak the struggle looks.

It is the symbol that we are cleaning up our Church.

It is the symbol that compelled the Pope to send his Apostolic Administrator to Guam.

It is the symbol that convinced the Apostolic Administrator to see the Truth.

It is the symbol that gave the  Sex Abuse Victims the courage to step forward.

It is a symbol that compelled our Legislature to do the right thing.

It is a symbol that gave our Clergy hope.

It is a symbol that exposed the Reign of Terror inflicted by Apuron, Pius, David, Adrian, Jacqueline Terlaje, the RMS, and the NCW.

It is the symbol that represents the solitary struggle and sacrifice of Tim Rohr/JW in the last three years, for Fr. Paul, for Monsignor James, for the return of our property, and for the restoration of our Catholic Church.

It is the symbol that created the Concerned Catholics of Guam, the Laity Forward Movement, the Silent No More Movement, the motorcades,  the village meetings, and more.

It is the symbol that has made it possible for Fr. Paul to now be saying his first mass as Rector of the Cathedral Basilica, as we walk the Picket Line.

Fr. Paul is just the first sign of the fruits of our efforts. It is only the beginning. We have far far more to go and do.

So, we must continue walking until our goal of cleansing our Church and the restoration of our Faith is completed.

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