Saturday, September 3, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain. 

This is the speech given by Carmen to neocatechumenals during a meeting in Fatima, Portugal, in 2010. Really it is a transcription of her words. Wait, really it is a transcription of the sounds she made, beause it is full of incomprehensible things. She seemed to be drunken...or maybe she was not in her right mind. Her words showed she had a problem.

Why did Kiko say she "was not medically diagnosed" when he wrote his strange note about her death? It was not necessary to say she was "unlabeled", why did he say that?

Why Kiko tried to hide something was wrong with her since some years ago? Which kind of reason he had for it? Maybe was it related with the approval of the Way? 

Carmen showed symptoms of maybe/perhaps....a supposed mental or neurological (or both) disorder at 2010.

Please, read next transcription/literal translation and notice it. I have put in italics those "things" she said which are just impossible to understand. It was not a problem of confussion between different languages (Italian and Spanish). If you read it, you will understand in English the same I understand in Spanish: nothing

"What a fantastic on the same day whein Pope John Paul II seubisanmostsclear that ending eh popes since Pius V to don'tknow all ... Pius XI, Pius XII, Pius hile-hile-boadandeso forforte hile-pranpeisior is interesting to know all choir, is impossible to dedicate yourselves to him and I like so much, internet is happy oso this in this ... and ... then ieeeeh (Kiko: "invite girls to stand up!"), the red dragon, red dragon, which also appears not only in China China has the pattern of all SuSeSo the red dragon, but in all relationships says that is communism and it is interesting that when the Pope said offering baa ... did this this blessing to ask the Russia .. ... a few years don'tknowfré Gorbachev arrived there, and made the peretroika and began the change. And that not only must be done in China but really eeeeh if the thing will dorarte properly Iran will invade Europe and if it comes it will be much larger still than before but perhaps all that what God has prepare to pass again in Christianity which is pa is that Europe has deny God and they do not believe the earth and ehh lalá then it will surely happen as some experts say, really happen to Christianity. (...)

Then one of the three miserere enere read the apocalypse is that the importance is so great that the snake woman evil always attacks the woman and not the man. That because the snake has in it the fabric of life, women, and then there made life evil wants to break and is breaking with abortion ... with all things understand death eeh within the factory of life that is women and that no als of the quel these estasem ehh say things eeehm same stupid completely you who wants in khmer Africa teach African eh woman to be a bitch and not have yayayao children is the opposite of is now done vemente in our unar enoes also speaks much wonderful not only ... marriage is wonderful fantastic and those who want to be sanctified married you know which means in Hebrew marriage sanctification concept more diffuse than it is to live with a man (LOL) (...)

Endonben end and then from (Kiko "was a dominican cesubiso") from the beginning the Church has been very important virginity and has been very important the miracles cures virginity is an eschatological word that goes far beyond this reality because in heaven there will be no husbands neither women nor weddings but the but infinite and wonderful love is really so thes whooos want imploredemente that Jesus Christ is udoudo if you do not go away to tranquils home".

Here you can watch the video with original "transcription" in Spanish. It is quite sad when she made a joke, in the middle of her uncomprehensible speech, and suddenly people started laughing just for compromise -even mocking- and clapping to look good. If this is not a real image of "the new clothes of the empereor"...

I have found the transcription in a web where some experts give examples of several pathologies. I think somebody found that video by chance and decided it was a perfect example to analise, but I am not going to enter in that question. Here is the link, in Spanish: 

“Qué fantástico en el mismo día quen que el Papa Juan Pablo II seubisanmasclaro que terminando los papas eh desde Pío V hasta nosé todos… Pío XI, Pío XII, Pío hile-hile-boadandeso forforte hile-pranpeisior    es interesantísimo conocer todo coro, es imposible dedicaros vosotros  a verlo y me gusta tanto internet, internet  es dichoso oso de esto de esto… y… entonces ieeeeh (Kiko: “invito a una chica a salir”), el dragon rojo, el dragon rojo, que también aparece no sólo en la China en la China tiene como patrón de toda suseso el dragón rojo, pero en todas las relaciones dice que es el comunismo y es interesante que cuando el papa ofreciendo beee dijo que… hizo esta esta bendición para pedir.. la la Rusia… a los pocos años nosefré llegó Gorbachov allí, e hizo la peretroika y empezó el cambio. Y eso no solamente hay que hacerlo en China sino que de verdad eeeeh si la cosa va a dorarte debidamente Iran invadirá Europa y si llega eso será mucho mas grande todavía que antes pero quizá todo eso lo tiene Dios preparao para que pase nuevamente en el cristianismo, que es pa es que Europa ha negao a Dios y ellos no creen la tierra lalá entonces e ehh eso llegará seguramente a pasar como dicen algunos expertos, a pasar realmente al cristianismo. (...)

Entonces una de las tres miserere enere leen el apocalipsis es que la importancia tiene tan grande la mujer que la serpiente el mal siempre ataca a la mujer y no al hombre. Por que porque la serpiente tiene en si la fabrica de la vida, la mujer, y entonces allí la fabrica de la vida el mal la quiere romper y se esta rompiendo con el aborto… con todas las cosas entiendo la muerte eeh dentro de la fabrica de la vida que es la mujer y eso no als las las quel estas estasem ehh dicen cosas eeehm  mismo estupidas completamente puedes quien quiere in jemer en africa enseñar a la mujer eh africana a ser puta y es a no tener hijos y a y a y a o sea todo lo contrario de  se hace ahora vemente en nuestra unar enoes se habla también muchísimo maravillosa no solamente de… del matrimonio que es fantástico maravilloso y los que quieran ser santificados casados sabeis que significa en hebreo matrimonio santificación concepto mas difuso que es vivir con un hombre (JAJAJA)

Endonben fin y entonces desde (Kiko: “fue dominico cesubiso”) desde el principio  la Iglesia ha sido muy importante la virginidad y ha sido muy importante las milagros los curas la virginidad es una palabra escatologica que va mucho mas alla de esta realidad porque en el cielo no habrá ni maridos ni mujeres ni casorios sino que sino infinito y maravilloso es el amor de verdad asi que laes quee quieran imploradamente que Jesucristo es udoudo que si no  iros a casa.


  1. Saint Carmen of Seville and Don Kiko. What a pair.

  2. your stupid
    stop wasting your time posting things against the way!
    Make your time useful. That is so sad that you waste your time in talking evil.
    Take a vacation and go somewhere, go skydiving or something. Your gonna die soon and then you'll realize that you wasted your time trash talking instead of enjoying life!

    1. Personally I can't think of anything more enjoyable than exposing "the Way"...and people like you. Now, if you'd only use your name. LOL. Why don't you go skydiving :)