Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Posted by Tim

CNMI Lawyer makes a point:

Incardination has consequences.

The NCW presbyters have been ordained and incardinated in the Archdiocese of Agaña.

Thus, unless another bishop accepts their transfer, we are financially responsible for their support throughout the rest of their lives, just like for Fr. Brouillard.

They cannot be unilaterally sent back to their native lands.

This was in fact the plan from the beginning. This is why Kiko insisted that his "Way" NOT be classified as a Lay Movement, nor his presbyters a new religious order. If it was a "Movement," Kiko and his Way would have come into the orbit of the pontifical councils and dicasteries which govern the lay movements and to which he would have been held accountable. He wanted to avoid this. If his presbyters had been constituted as a new religious order, they would have had to raise their own funds and provide for themselves. He wanted to avoid this. 

By insisting that the NCW was not a movement, but instead, a so-called "itinerary" of adult faith formation, Kiko was able to weasel his way into the Church structure by making it subject only to bishops. And individual bishops were much easier to buy and control than a pontifical council. Rather than be subject to a central Vatican office, Kiko and his Way are free to establish themselves wherever a bishop can be bamboozled. This was genius of Kiko. There are nearly 3000 Catholic dioceses in the world. Thus in setting up the NCW as a diocesan-based "itinerary of faith formation" rather than a lay movement, he multiplied his opportunities for success time 3000!

But his real genius was in his pretending that his seminaries were diocesan seminaries. In doing this, Kiko guaranteed that the lay faithful would be made to foot his bill. Unlike religious orders (such as the Capuchins) who must raise their own funds to care for and educate their members, Kiko's kids, once incardinated in a diocese, could depend on those regular Sunday collections.

So, yah, we're on the hook with the likes of The Waldo forever...UNLESS.

But before I get to the "UNLESS," I've been asked to ask your assistance in locating these "missing presbyters." If you have information as to their whereabouts you can leave a comment or send to

So now to the "UNLESS." 

This would take some research but if it can be proved that we were defrauded into paying for a seminary and a formation that really did not exist, we could possibly bring a class action suit against Apuron, the Gennarini's, and everyone else who participated in the scam and force them to fund the support of these presbyters. 

Another possibility is pressing for a canonical investigation into whether or not any of these presbyters were coerced or if Apuron was ordered to ordain them when he knew they were unfit. We know of at least one case with an eye witness to Apuron saying so. This could be grounds for laicizing the presbyter and freeing him up to go back to lay life. 

Probably the easiest way would be to see if any of the other neo-friendly bishops (like Chaput and O'Malley) would take them. But then maybe the fact that no other bishop would take them is why they were sent to Guam in the first place. 

While we may have been bilked for hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund Apuron's presbyter playpen, there is no reason we must resign ourselves to being stuck with Apuron's mess forever. There may be some redeemable presbyters who can be dusted off, psychologically vetted, etc., and sent back to school for awhile, but something tells me that the others would just as soon throw their collars in the trash.

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