Friday, September 30, 2016


(Posted by Frenchie)
The Red Pope, as both his enemies and his friends have nicknamed him, is falling in the long and sad tradition of the Vatican's political Cardinals, who have for better and often time for worse dotted the Curia's long History.

One thing about the man, is that he is a very shrewd operator, in the traditional Italian understanding of the word. He is a consummate  man of the shadows, and of the power wielded around the Vatican.

His enemies fear him with just cause. His friends solicit him quite often, to get things done.
Being in charge of the Evangelization, he is in charge of nomination to key posts around the world.
Many prelates owe him their careers, and he knows how to ask for favors to be returned.

As such, he has become a key component of Kiko's dreams of world expansion. While Kiko thinks he is using Filoni, the opposite is truer.
Filoni has been using  Kiko, to expand his power around the Vatican.
Kiko is too much of a megalomaniac, to understand that.
Carmen knew that, but Carmen is now gone. Kiko has been without the support and guidance Carmen provided for most of his career.
She, like Filoni, was a consummate woman of the shadows.
She wielded power without being seen, as she propped up her guitar player, who loves so much all the trappings of  fame.

In the NCW, Filoni has found the perfect tool, to push his own agenda, while keeping a distance and also being able to have what the CIA calls: plausible deniability.

Yet like every Giant, the NCW has an Achille's heel.

That Achille's Heel, is one thing Filoni had underestimated, and something Kiko, Genarrini and others have swept under their own rug, while at the same time used efficiently  to gain access to a cadre of dedicated collaborators.


 So far they have been able to get away with it, because of the constant churning of presbyters around the world, and the possibility to hide such individuals among unsuspecting mission famillies and communities.

Last week we were all chocked by the very aggressive and tardy offense by Archbishop Hon and the Neos here on island, to defeat the bill for the victims of sexual abuse.

Many of us surmised that Hon was trying to protect the assets of the seminary, and the Chancery.
We also made fun (and why not) of the stupid position of Dr Eusebio and his so called Catholics for Apuron.
What we failed to see, is that these were not the main and real reasons for  that late onslaught.

So what was it?

It was the sudden realization by Filoni, of the potential dangers that bill had on the holier than thou image of the NCW, and the huge potential for a tsunami of biblical proportion on the reputation of the NCW and its leaders, and by extension the reputation of their patron, Cardinal Filoni.
This to Filoni and to the NCW has the same effect than light when it is shone on evil.

 Filoni is an instinctive politician, and he now has taken in full, the awareness of the danger his allies have risked , both for their reputation and his own. He must at all cost avoid any chance of a link between sexual abuse and the NCW.

The problem for him, is that Kiko, but especially the Genarrini brothers, have sheltered, abetted and facilitated sexual abusers, knowingly, for decades.

The Rabid reaction we saw was actually, one of survival, from somebody who has seen first hand the results of such a parallel, with the scandals of the legionnaires of Christ.
 Filoni actually is fearful of judgment day. Specially during his lifetime.

That my friends, is both a curse and a very good news, as it gives us a great inside view of what our enemies fear most than anything at this time.

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