Saturday, October 29, 2016


Hafa Adai, folks,

Only three more  weeks before the statue of limitations runs out. We need to continue picketing  in front of the Cathedral Basilica at 9:00 AM. We have invested so much of our time and effort in this battle. This is our only weapon for Rome to pay attention to us. Let's not blow it. See you tomorrow.

St Michael the Archangel , defend us in battle!

God's blessings,



  1. waste not, want not...

    I’ve been meaning to ask, about “rms”, in particular the November 22, 2011, declaration of deed restriction part, DO OTHER redemptoris mater seminary from OTHER archdiocese, share a SIMILAR fate as our Yona “rms” property, or is ours special in any given way, besides the fact it is on Guam and as yet to be celebrated as Guam: “Where the Neocatechumenal Way Begins”…

    So, if in the whole wide world, Guam has the distinction of having the ONLY rms with a “DEED RISTRICTION” wherein the property is dedicated to and for the use of the redemptoris mater seminary, WHY just Guam??? Or is it the ONLY, it surely cannot be the only archdioceses with an egotistical wannabe red hat wearing imbecile…

    And please don’t get me started on the part played the leadership of the Archdiocese of Agana, wherein david the “VG” encourages apuron, to put money where his mouth is and prove he is the dumbest, greediest, and most lyingest and sleaziest bishop this side of Heaven, if not the universe as a whole and I’m not counting the black hole in space…

    1. Simply, the NCW (Gennarini) took the Yona property as a land grab, courtesy of Apuron and at the expense of the Guam faithful. Thou shall not steal was violated.

    2. In addition to which, the RMSs are NOT diocesan seminaries for all that they are stated to be such, as exhaustively researched by contributors to this web site. (There may be minor variations in registration of property from place to place, but not sufficient to affect this principle.)

      Everything Neo associated whatever, is NOT AT ALL as stated information states, neither in status nor proceedings, not vis a vis the secular authorities overseeing companies and charities, nor Church authorities, nor individual Catholics or members of the public, in any shape or form. This includes so-called "families in mission" whether they are with or without "permission" or "invitation", it includes any personnel seconded to any institution, it includes any "catechesis" or "announcement", any involvement by any diocesan clergy, any "itinerary", any alleged "discernment", in any country. De facto pro tempore exceptions and inconsistencies exist only for deniability purposes or because the itinerants didn't get round to something, or bungled.

      Us ordinary members of the Way don't "feel evil", but due to omissions and bad dynamics and timings we haven't been given the Holy Spirit Who features so prominently in the lip service, hence our outlook quickly becomes stilted, the set up is left open to manipulation and there is a lot of risk to genuine and false vocations alike. It could even be that some of the more junior itinerants are themselves, in part, taken in. Responsibles are taken in because some kind of "hook" has been identified to "hook" them.

      (My guess is, power grabbers muscled in on Kiko's amateurish brainwaves within a year or two of him starting and they make sure that the repeated attempts at getting the NCW back on the rails have remained in the last analysis half hearted. We all have brainwaves, it's very nice, only we don't have to make out it is quite so serious.)

      There is a "Catholic" precedent for this kind of organisational arrangement in the Propaganda Congregation (set up 1623 with "extraordinary powers") under which the NCW "nicely" fits.

  2. Yes, let's keep picketing. Apuron must go. He is the Problem this archdiocese is not moving forward.