Friday, October 28, 2016


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The Fr. Luis Camacho case made it strikingly clear that the NCW operates as a type of underground syndicate within the Church to move around, protect, harbor, and otherwise keep beneath the radar, problem clerics. 

In fact, there may not even be known problems, other than the fact that their bishop, or in our case the appointed Apostolic Administrator, does not know where they are, which itself makes them "problem clerics."  

In our diocese, there are three particular cases with KNOWN problems: Fr. John Wadeson, Fr. Luis Camacho, and Archbishop Apuron, and there are two glaring similarities in all three cases:
1) a declaration of innocence of any wrongdoing
2) the absolute disappearance of all three

In the case of Wadeson, which we will review in more detail very soon, after being "cleared" by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles of sex abuse charges dating back to the 70's, Apuron was quick to celebrate his so-called exoneration and just as quick to hide him again. Wadeson remains incardinated in this diocese and thus, on our payroll, but provides no known benefit to the diocese and does not show up "on loan" to any bishop (as with Fr. Jason Granado who is "on loan" to Saipan). If Wadeson, is "innocent" of all the charges, why hide him? 

Luis bin Camacho
In the case of Luis Camacho, we were told that the case against him was "expunged" and that he never did anything wrong. Yet, he was whisked away within hours of his release after his March 17, 2015 arrest, and has not been seen again since, showing up only in Qatar about a year later. And, like Wadeson, after being so-called exonerated (by both our own chancery and Luis' adoptive bishop in Qatar) disappears again. (He is gone from Qatar.)

Who? Me?
Then we have Apuron who not only maintains his innocence but calls his accusers liars. And then suddenly he disappears, with even the Apostolic Administrator confessing that he does not know where he is. (Rumor is that he has moved from RMS - after being spotted there - to the former Carmelite monastery in Malojloj. Keep an eye out for him.)

Clerics cannot live long on their own. They either have to have a personal benefactor or an organization like the NCW which is capable of hiding them and shuffling them when found out (like we did with Luis.) 

More to come

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