Monday, October 24, 2016


Posted by Tim

Hmmm. So just as the evidence is in that RMS is a sham (the ad hoc Committee report), and just as Tricky Dick and his group of dicky tricks is condemning the report and defending RMS...

VIOLA! Suddenly, out of nowhere, we have the announcement that long-lost RMS grad, Miguel Cervantes (no relation to Don Quixote) has achieved a Doctorate in Theology Summa Cum Loudly!

What timing. Nicely done. But other than the shady timing (LOL), there are a couple of items for our consideration. 

1. Miguel graduated from RMS in 2009. That means it took him 7 years to get a doctorate which at most should take 3-4 years. So was he just terribly slow (like David the Rector who took ten years to get his doctorate), or did he have to take remedial courses, due to his NO-education at RMS, in order to even begin the doctorate program?

2. I thought we didn't have any money to send priests off-island. This was the whole excuse used to deny Aaron Quitugua an opportunity to attend an off-island seminary:
AARON QUITUGUA TO ADRAIN CRISTOBAL, Nov 7, 2013: Father, upon reflection of the above issues we discussed, an idea came to my mind. The first time we met on Sept 04, 2013, you informed me that our Archdiocese no longer has the financial resources to send seminarians to study abroad, which is the purpose this new seminary is being started.
Yet, we learn this past Sunday (in the Umatuna), that while solid local boys like Aaron Quitugua are told there is no money, at least one of Apuron's RMS pets has been living on our collection in Rome for SEVEN YEARS, and getting a nice little doctorate. Ummm, to do what, "serve the Archdiocese of Agana?" LOL. Like hell. 

Have any of our local priests been offered an opportunity like this for higher education? How about Richard Kidd? No doubt he has the brains for it, and probably could have gotten it done in half the time. But no. Not only did Richard have to fight for every inch of his legitimate diocesan formation, he had to pay many of his living expenses himself. 

But the real story isn't this Miguel guy. The real story is Hon, who the Umatuna said "rejoiced" with Miguel saying "we take pride in the outstanding accomplishment of Father Miguel." 

Hon, what don't you get? Our local vocations are slammed to the pavement and thrown in the gutter, while Apuron's pets are given illustrious opportunities at our expense. What the hell? 

There's more to this. I'll be back.  

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