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Oh shucks, Tricky Dick was only off by a year. Instead of meeting with the bishops of Oceania on December 5, 1999, it was actually 1998:


But not only did Tricky Dick get the year wrong, he got the content wrong too.

Tricky Dick said: To form presbyters of the “New Evangelization” is not a characteristic of the Neocatechumenal Way, as is made clear by the St. Pope John Paul II’s Ad Limina message to CEPAC (Dec. 5, 1999).

Actually, the pope's address says nothing about the Neocatechumenal Way or even about the formation of presbyters - you will note that the pope does NOT use that word. Rather the pope said this:

Modes of leadership which stress privilege rather than service always create problems in the relationship between priests and lay people. This is why it is important that seminaries and houses of formation should teach a way of leadership which is wholly geared to service and which fills the candidates with the same zeal to preach the Gospel which we see in the early missionaries.
Take a look at that first sentence: "Modes of leadership which stress privilege rather than service always create problems in the relationship between priests and lay people." If there is anything RMS has produced, it has been presbyters who "stress privilege" and who "create problems in the relationship between priests and lay people." 

Why is this? Is this simply a defect in their formation? No. It is a defect in their theology. At its root, the religion of the NCW is fundamentally opposed to Catholicism, which has, as its core, the celebration of the SAVING SACRIFICE. For the Kiko's, Christ cannot be the SAVING SACRIFICE, because for Kiko, Christ was a SINNER, just like us, who "experienced the forgiveness of the Father." (Read about that here.) For the Kiko's, Jesus Christ is, at most, a "scapegoat." (Read about that here.)

But I use the word "defect" wrongly. For it is not a "defect." It is an intentional intrusion into the heart of Catholicism, the veritable "abomination in the Temple," and exactly where Christ said it would be found. 

So it is NOT just that the majority of the RMS presbyters are simply uncultured or ill-mannered. They believe that we are wrong and they are right, and their mission is to subvert Catholicism as we know it and install Kiko's new religion. And it begins by breaking up the parishes into their "communities" where their new liturgy will form unsuspecting Catholics into the image and likeness of Kiko Arguello. 

Their mission is supposed to be accomplished quietly. It is all supposed to seem quite natural and all happening "because the bishop said." However, some, like Fabio, got impatient, and barged ahead, bashing statues, condemning local piety from the pulpit, and even making plans to tear down the parish church. When we exposed him, they sent him "on mission." He was giving the plot away. 

Others, probably because they were sincere about becoming priests from the beginning and had little idea of what they were getting into, limped through RMS and landed in parishes where they did not have the heart to fulfill their neo-mission and ended up conforming their priesthood to what the Church required. There's a few of those. I believe Aurelio and Jason Granado were two of them. So they had to be gotten rid of, and they were. 

But let's get back to JP2's address to the bishops where he says: "The Bishop's role as prime agent of evangelization makes him the first servant of communion. This service has many implications, but none as immediately important as that of strengthening the bonds of grace, co-operation and friendship between the Bishop and his priests."

More than any damaged product of RMS, the effect of the NCW on our own bishop has shown just exactly what the NCW problem is. Rather than helping him develop into a "servant of communion" wherein there was a "strengthening the bonds of grace, co-operation and friendship between the Bishop and his priests," we saw the NCW turn the already moral mess that was Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron into an absolute "servant of division" wherein he destroyed "the bonds of grace, co-operation and friendship between the Bishop and his priests," culminating in his now infamous mafioso threat to one of those priests: "resign or face a more arduous and painful closure to your assignment." 

The problem was already severe in December of 2010 when the non-neo clergy sponsored a study in a desperate attempt to address the problem before it exploded into what we are seeing now. The study was conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA), Georgetown University, Washington, DC. The study was titled:  Cultivating Unity: Research Findings, A Report for the Clergy of the Archdiocese of Agana. (Find the full report here.)

Relative to the damage done by the NCW the study found:


Keep in mind that Apuron was present at the "retreat" where this study was conducted, so you can expect that fear kept the real responses muted. Nevertheless, the fact that this much was expressed by the non-neo clergy in front of the all-powerful Apuron, we can see the steam emanating from the volcano.

And THIS is what the NCW has left us: the exact opposite of the message of John Paul II to the bishops of Oceania in 1998. 

Thanks to the likes of Tricky Dick. And by the way, Hon. The clock is down to 28 days. Are you really going to give the Yona property away?

Continued on Part 7

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