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Evidence Christ Offered the Last Supper as a Sacrifice

Karlo Broussard | Catholic Answers Apologist

It is an infallible teaching of the Catholic Church that the Eucharist is a sacrifice—in particular, the one sacrifice of Christ. 

The Council of Trent declared:
If any one saith, that, by the sacrifice of the mass, a blasphemy is cast upon the most holy sacrifice of Christ consummated on the cross; or, that it is thereby derogated from; let him be anathema (The Canons on the Sacrifice of the Mass, canon 4).    
The Catechism of the Catholic Church reaffirms Trent’s teaching: “The Eucharist is . . . a sacrifice” (CCC 1365).
The Catholic understanding of the Eucharist rests upon the belief that the Last Supper was a sacrifice. Blessed Pope Paul VI, in his 1965 encyclical Mysterium Fidei, called the Last Supper the “Eucharistic sacrifice” (MF 4).
But Protestants reject this. READ MORE
And KIKO  rejects the Last Supper and the Mass as a SACRIFICE. He refers to the Mass as a Celebration, a celestial BANQUET.  

Walking in the "WAY" is to walk away from the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church under the illusion that Rome has approved of "everything" in the NEO Catechetical  Directory and liturgical practices.

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