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At the time of my post A STEAMING PILE OF EXCREMENT, I had not seen the "trained lawyer's" PRESS STATEMENT of October 5, 2016, so thanks to D. Anthony for pointing this out in his comment.

In her PRESS STATEMENT, Attorney Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje states:

She wants to be "abundantly clear" that she is "not the attorney for the Catholic Cemeteries," yet she does a PRESS STATEMENT on her law office letterhead:

Full document here

So, she is only speaking as "a public servant" ... on her official law office letterhead! Wow!

There are several matters here. But before I address them, let's clarify. JTT, as we will now refer to her, is NOT related to the long-serving archdiocesan legal counsel, Edward Terlaje. Nor is she the Terlaje who is running for senator. That would be Therese Terlaje who is the daughter of Edward Terlaje. Nor is she related to John Terlaje, who sometimes represents the archdiocese and is the brother of Therese. So let's proceed with JTT. 

  1. As an individual, JTT has no standing to do a PRESS STATEMENT. The press is only paying attention to her in this regard because she is a member of the cemeteries board.
  2. As a member of that board, she is not authorized to speak individually for the board. She can only speak for the board when the board has authorized a statement.
  3. The board did not authorize a statement or it would have released it on its own letterhead. 
  4. Because, by her own admission, she is acting alone (it is her statement, not the board's) the personal vendetta against Msgr. James (per Pius' orders to be sure) is on full display. 
  5. The current board was NOT "entrusted" with the cemeteries funds until AFTER the alleged "misuse" of funds. The new board was only entrusted with those funds going forward. 
  6. If the alleged "misuse" of funds was indeed a "misuse," it was the duty of the current board to make a report to the Member (the archbishop) and it was up to him to address the issue accordingly. 
  7. In fact, this was done initially in July 2014 and Apuron used the information to remove Msgr. James. Apuron at that point had the authority to make the report to the police and the AG. 
  8. Per the current board's Sep 30 resolution, the matter was again reported to the Delegate of the Apostolic Administrator this past July. 
  9. It was the duty of the Member (Hon) to act on the information. He did. He cleared Msgr. James. And this sent JTT into a rage. 
  10. We've seen this before. Last November 15, JTT pulled the same stunt, saying she did not represent the archdiocese as an attorney, but released a PRESS STATEMENT defending the archdiocese on her law office letterhead. 

We are now beyond whether or not the funds were "misused." We are now on whether or not WE are being MISUSED - by an attorney who appears to be MISUSING the privilege and position granted her by the Guam Bar and the laws of Guam which permit her to practice as an attorney.

Front and center in all of this, though, is that this STATEMENT, released on her law office letterhead, is a full and complete admission of the very thing she attempts to refute in the statement:

By positioning her personal statement on her law office letterhead and not the letterhead of the Cemeteries board, she is admitting that she lied about the "unanimous" decision to report Msgr. James to the police and to the AG, otherwise, the board would have issued this statement corporately, not JTT, individually. 

And this is also why, "The undersigned, being all of the Board of Directors" in the Sep 30 resolution, was not ALL, but ONLY one Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje. 

Now, just a word about a motivation. 

Now that Msgr. James is entrusted with overseeing the patrimony of the archdiocese, he will be in a position to expose the truth about the ownership of the Yona property. He will also be in a position to lead the suit for its return. Once this happens, not only will JTT be exposed, but a certain AG with whom JTT, back in March, "worked something out," which was necessary to cover for the acquisition and publication of a bogus certificate of title, obtained and paid for personally, by one Jacqueline Taitano Terlaje. 

Now do you see?

You may want to brush up on the CERTIFICATE OF TITLE FIASCO.

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