Thursday, October 6, 2016


So Jackie Terlaje says (PDN, KUAM, PNC):

There are no corporate records or meeting minutes supporting the archdiocese’s statement that ‘the previous board of directors had approved the advancement of the funds and thus the advancement of funds was proper and authorized,’” Terlaje said.

However, she can produce "no corporate records or meeting minutes supporting" the current board's decision to report Msgr. James to the police. All she can say is that:

"...each board member specifically authorized her to execute the certification."

But she has produced no evidence of it. 

So, she can hold Msgr. James to one standard but herself to another. Well, of course. She's a KIKO. And KIKO's modus operandi is ends justifies the means. The absolute trashing of one's opponents in order to pave the way for the KIKO-Utopia (which Guam was supposed to be) is simply the means to that end.

Coincidentally, we just saw Adrian do this as well. After years of trashing Msgr. James and Fr. Paul, even gleefully delivering the decree to oust Msgr. James to his front door in 2014, Adrian is suddenly crying about "due process." 

What more do we need to see. This is Kiko Arguello writ large, which is why it was quite fitting that Jackie did her interview 'neath a Kiko-painted icon. 

Here's more:

"I am obliged as an officer of the Catholic Cemeteries to protect the funds entrusted to me by the deceased, and by the numerous Catholic families who have buried their loved ones with the Catholic Cemeteries,” she said.

First, notice how Jackie says "the funds were entrusted to me." Not "entrusted to the board," but "entrusted to me." This tells us a lot about what we already suspect. The resolution to report Msgr. James to the police was Jackie acting alone. She probably had some willing operators in Santo Tomas and San Agustin, but her big "ME" tells us that this was probably Jackie's idea. 

Second, the current board members were only entrusted with anything upon their appointment, which was after Msgr. James and the previous board was disbanded. How the funds were spent prior to the new board's appointment and the authority to report suspected criminal activity is NOT their business unless specifically authorized to do so and this would have had to have been documented. 

And third, we can see what Jackie and her board have done with the "funds entrusted" to their care: they have permitted the cemeteries to be desecrated by vandalism (the Carmelite monastery) and neglect. 

The grave of Mother Concepcion, the Foundress of the Carmel of Guam as it was found on June 10 by Carmelite nuns who visited the Carmel Cemetery in Malojloj. More here

And here's a troubling item. Jackie says:

"Father Jeff San Nicolas has graciously extended the olive branch and his apology. I have accepted his apology, and agree that we must find a way to seek the truth and conciliation for the church that we all love."

Father Jeff, we need clarity. Did you "apologize" to Jackie? If so, FOR WHAT? And if not, then we need you to step up and say so or you will be forever discredited and never trusted. Your immediate superior, Archbishop Hon, demanded the resignation of everyone who supported the claim against Msgr. James. And you apologized for it? 

I hope not. We all hope not. We hope, for your sake, Fr. Jeff, that Jackie is lying about this too, or at least twisting your words to her ends - which would be par for the course for her. But we need YOU to tell us so. 

Now, let's look further at what Jackie says, specifically: "we must find a way to seek the truth and conciliation for the church that we all love."

Really? Really Jackie? Is "truth and conciliation" what you had in mind when you went to the police? Is "truth and conciliation" what you had in mind when in 2014 you accused Msgr. James of unethical and even criminal activity in front of the presbyteral council? Did you EVER even think to "seek truth and conciliation" with the person you had a problem with? 


You are a vicious freak. Hatred oozes from the pores in your face. You are, for the whole world to see, EXHIBIT A of a KAKA-maniac. And we are enjoying every minute of it. 

You are EXACTLY what the Catholic world needs to see. You are EXACTLY what Rome needs to know about the end result of a heresy which teaches "Jesus is a sinner." You are EXACTLY Kikology-made-flesh, and the whole world now can see what a steaming pile of excrement it really is. 


  1. The NEOs are doing everything in their power to remove any non-NEOs from becoming the next archbishop of GUAM. The need it in order for their cult to survive. That's the whole reason why they're attacking the leadership of the church. This is also confirmed by Adrian's refusal to relocate from the NEOs grand central station in Barrigada and Lurch's juvenile attempts to block the LFM from visiting the RMS.

  2. Appropriate choice of words to describe Jackass Jackie, Mr. Rohr. And here I was, unjustly blaming her extreme condition of constipation for her being so full of sh-t! My bad.

  3. If she was so concerned about responsibility to the families that entrusted the funds to "her", why did she wait two years?
    I though Hon asked for all the members that supported his action to resign? She doesn't care about the cemeteries or the families who have loved ones buried there.

  4. Jackie Terlaje's To-Do List:

    -Take care of your children. Make sure you didn't allow apuron to destroy their innocence.

    -Secure more clients so you don't have to get hand-outs from your family and friends. Your own family talks about your pathetic practice and your idiocy when it comes to your neo cult. Your family members are Very vocal about it!

    -Clean the cemeteries that you say you're so entrusted with

    -Cease making accusations that can easily be debunked.

    -Concede to the loss. Reputable people of the community and clergy people have exonerated Msgr. James. Quit dragging his innocent name through the mud because no matter what you do, apuron will always be the most disgusting and evil with apuron's child-raping history and money laundering schemes!

    -Shut your damn mouth!

    Thank you yan Si Yuus Maase!

    1. Does Jackie the Neo nut really practice law?? I mean really paying clients?

  5. Typical Neo behavior. Because the board members have not objected, it is ok. This is how they defend their illicit liturgy that is the Pope has not spanked us yet, so it is ok.

  6. Does anyone remember what the new board of Catholic Cemeteries said, when they took over regarding all the files etc.? I remember something regarding the files/papers being in disarray or something to that effect.

    1. Everything that is in order is in disarray with Kiko on the brain.

  7. Hold the horses, and stop the press...

    This press statement, her certification of truths, IT IS NOT, she states on her second point, that she wants to be abundantly clear, she is not this nor is she that, but a mere servant, a concerned citizen...

    How can I honestly believe her, or anything she is saying, regarding "she is merely acting in the capacity as a director, and as the secretary of the Catholic Cemeteries of Guam, Inc...

    Everything about this press statement screams, jackie the trained lawyer, and as a lawyer she is defending the apuron lie, and she is defending the apuron financial stream by blaming Msgr Benavente...

    jackie, if you are butt a mere public servant, serving as director and the secretary, WHY is your press statement, ON A jackie the trained lawyer LETTERHEAD and ADDRESS...

    So, correct me if I'm mistaken, you're saying that in serving as the director, you were unable to get the secretary to publish a press statement on a Catholic Cemeteries of Guam, Inc LETTERHEAD...

    jackie, its obvious who wears the pants on the board, and the gull to say you provide a community service, maybe to your neo community, to me its nothing but lip service...

    1. I think Apuron put jer up to it.

  8. She needs to be removed and fired. No more Jackie

  9. Jackie is pathetic. You can't even mow the grass at Pigo? Waste and Fraud

  10. Archbishop Hon, forget asking for their resignation. Just fire them and fix our Church

  11. Jackie and Dennis and the rest of the Neo's need to go. For Sure For Sure

  12. To equate Kikology to excrement does a disservice to excrement.

  13. TWo faced " Lyin Jeff" again!
    Come on Jeff tell us the truth.

  14. The unselfish Msgr. James fed his guest, repaid every penny back and more on this special day. Jackie, those who depend on you to give them Guam's hospitality, care you've led down big time. The grave site of the Nonliving's are over grown grass and weeds.

  15. Jackie, did you fix the hole in the ceiling in the mausoleum ? If that plaster falls on someone you are libel for suit! What the hell, let's all sue each other and bring bankruptcy to to the church. Maybe Jackie can spear head a collection to help build their own church. hey you can name it St. Carmen of the Adidas .

  16. If you haven't picked up on it, the Neos from Pius to Adrian to Edivaldo to Jackie - there's a recurring pattern. They don't acknowledge any authority, not even that of Archbishop Hon and his delegates. Such open defiance and disobedience they don't even care to mask it. They're powerchecking. Can we once and for all shut them down? #moratoriumnow!!!!!!

  17. Amazing! Pathetic! Unbelievable! Arrogant! If the other board members do not resign or debunk her claims, they're KAKArazy! AB Hon needs to reach for his slipper!

  18. It seems that the "resign" message of Archbishop Hon was simply an empty threat, more like a publicity stunt. Are the neos at all recognizing him as an authority? Why are these kakabrainiacs getting away with insubordination? Why is Ms. Jackie still in that position after having committed a horrible accusation on her own authority?

  19. Awaken by roosters with "Kaka do doo doo!" Smart roosters.

  20. It's so sad that many in the communities were brainwashed into believing the Neo Way is the way to salvation. Many were preyed upon during a time of spiritual low. I just wish there is a way to break their hold on many of our friends and families. So much division in the church, THAT SEEMS TO BE THE NEO WAY, the manipulative WAY.

    1. A hard slap to the backside of the head and telling them "what the eff'ing were you thinking" should work.


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