Saturday, October 8, 2016


Posted by Tim

There are rumors that Jackie and her board have been removed en masse and replaced by a new board. However, there has been no official word that we know of from the Chancery. If the removal is true and there is no word, then we have to assume that Jeff & Co. want to play this down and keep things quiet. 

  • The Board's direct attack on Msgr. James was purposely public.
  • The Chancery's immediate response was purposely public.
  • Jackie T's response to the Chancery's response was purposely public. 

There are two choices.

On September 30, Archbishop Hon PUBLICLY called for the resignation of every member of the Cemeteries Board. It is now October 8, more than a week later. 
  1. If the resignations have not been turned in, then we know not to trust you.
  2. If the resignations have been turned in or the board was fired, and you have chosen not to apprise the faithful who have stood by you, then we know not to trust you; and in your regard for the lay faithful, you are no better than Apuron and Edivaldo. 
Pick your poison.

Note: There would be only one reason Jeff & Co. would do something this stupid: he "worked something out" with Jackie. 

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