Sunday, October 2, 2016


Frenchie's very important post WHY IS FILONI, PUTTING ON ALL THE STOP AND THROWING APURON UNDER THE BUS? got buried rather quickly with all the news about Msgr. James. If you haven't read it, read it now. 

The NCW syndicate is a home and hiding place for sexual predators. And thanks to Chuck White's outing of "Baleful Ballin" and his "I am now his bishop" romance with Lickin' Louie, Rome is now face to face with the Monster Kiko has been hiding on an international scale. 

More will come of this.


  1. This red cap is scared to come to guam. He knows if he does, he will have to face the protestors and he won't have any answers he'd just be another tony. Hide behind the cloth and everyone else.

  2. Giuseppe Gennarini is one constant in the Neocatechumenal shuffling of abusive priests. Check out the Sordid Case of Fr. E. for an example.

  3. After reading the prior post about this arrogant and sorry excuse for a shepherd, I wrote the following email to him; never received a response but wanted him to know that his scandalous involvment was becoming infamous internationally.
    His email is for others who may want to contact him.

    From: Hannah Carter
    Sent: Tue 9/13/16 8:42 PM
    To: (

    Guess what Bishop Ballin:
    It is NOT strictly personal! It is a public scandal, acknowledged by the police on the island of Guam and known to others with ties there! We, the laity, are FED UP with our children being used by lustful priests and bishops, while these perverted ministers are hidden away instead of being made to face the law about their crimes!

    Yes we are all sinners, but hurting children is a huge deal, you would NEVER understand as you are not a parent! Being called "Father" doesn't make you one!

    It was JESUS HIMSELF who said, "Whoever scandalizes one of these little ones, better for him to have a millstone round his neck and be thrown into the sea." So Our Lord obviously recognized a hierarchy of evil. Yes, we, the faithful definitely have lost faith in our shepherds. Imprudence would be the least of our worries at this point. Yes we are interested in the good of the Church, much more so than the hypocrites wearing phylactaries and tassels, parading around to receive marks of respect in public!

    YOU Be ashamed!! I am so disgusted with the mess that bishops and priests have made of my beloved Church!!

    Hannah Carter
    Pleasant Hill, USA

    Why do you spread over all the world what is strictly personal to Fr. Luis? I am now his Bishop; do you think that I don’t know his situation and why he is here in my Vicariate? Do you think that I am so imprudent as to accept a priest without knowing his personal background? So, why, do you send to me and to others all this information which is very partial? What is your aim in doing that? The good of Fr. Luis, or of the Church? It is not you who is in charge to save the Church in my Vicariate. Be ashamed! If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone at him!

    + Camillo Ballin
    Bishop Camillo Ballin, mccj
    Apostolic Vicar of Northern Arabia
    (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia)
    Bishop’s House
    P. O. Box 25362
    Road 4603, House 137 / 125 Block 946
    AWALI (Bahrain)

    1. How about fielding a rock yourself Cam?

    2. Very Well Said Hannah,
      These bishops should be reminded that they have a grave responsibility to take care and feed Jesus's sheep. The problem is they are taking advantage of their positions as shepherds and helping themselves on the vulnerable and innocent. Jesus's words addressed to them cuts to the heart and fiber of their evil actions. How dare him lecture us about being the first to throw a stone, he should be more concerned about the mill stone around his neck due to the atrocities against the little ones. God Bless You.

    3. The huge problem of the Bishop Ballin is that he leans more on the Marxism and Machiavellianism than on the Word of God. That is why his flock in the Northern Arabia gave him a new title "Ballin the Tyrant".

    4. The huge problem of the Bishop Ballin is that he leans more on the Marxism and Machiavellianism than on the Word of God. That is why his flock in the Northern Arabia gave him a new title "Ballin the Tyrant".

  4. Bishop Ballin has plenty to hide himself. There is reasin why he shelters abusers. In due time it will be revealed.

  5. of course there will be something revealed about BISHOP Ballin. Figures.