Saturday, October 15, 2016


(Posted by Frenchie)

It did not take long, after the return of the Stinking Monk to our shores, and the meeting of  convevience  of the local "leaders" of the NCW, or as I call it "the meeting of convenience", for the cadre of said NCW on the island to go on the offensive to salvage their loot.

We first saw a couple of press conferences by the hilarious (but very sad) Dr Eusebio, who has the particularity of making Dr Zoltan Szelesky look almost normal; closely followed by the attacks on Msgr James by the former Catholic cemeteries board of directors, (Aka Jackie Taitano Terlaje, commonly known as JTT), and as such as a direct challenge to the leadership and legitimacy of Archbishop Hon and his administration.

This was closely coordinated with the Diana on her blog, aka "Judymae the census worker" on mainstream media, with the help of a few letters to the Editor in both local papers, by rabid neocatechumenates.

Finally for the cherry on the proverbial cake, we were treated by a press conference of the "Board of RMS".
A silent bunch of somber people, propped against a decor of the Library, to drive the point, of the seriousness of the environment.
This was followed by a visit of the grounds for the Press led by the vice-rector.

It is also rumored that to nail their argument, a letter of rebuttal of the findings of the Ad Hoc committee on the Seminaries, was sent directly to Archbishop Hon.

As you can see, Pius did a good job implementing the instructions of the Genarrini gang from New Jersey. This is what you call a counter-punch.

You can put this one, under the now very efficient tactics of the NCW when they run into a roadblock, as they did in Japan and in the Philippines

What have we learned from this press conference?

Basically the NCW, chose through Eusebio to attempt to break down point by point, the arguments of the Ad Hoc committee, as well as to attack said committee as partisan.

First Note:  Similarities
As I always underline, nothing happens in a vacuum. The leadership of the Neos, are far from being stupid, they have measured the fact that their communication should have the most effective punch as possible.
This is why, this latest press conference was designed and presented as a "united front" from the
Board of Directors. Just like JTT accusations of Msgr James were done with the "Board" of CC as a prop, to shore up her statements.
Gone is the amateur approach of Eddie the Waldo and his fist pumping antics.

Ignore reality and build your own story.
Nothing new  here, this is what Carmen and Kiko have done for 40 years. You invent your own legend and massage it as you go, to make it fit your needs. In this, the Neos are doing very effectively what political parties have done for decades: initiate a narrative that fits your needs.

Address their needs.
What are these needs.
  • Stop the bleeding of losses and setbacks.
  • Challenge the authority of Archbishop Hon and his temporary administration
  • Save the Seminary
  • Create confusion and try to divide.
    The well planned return of the Stinking Monk.
Because of the strong resistance, they have encountered over the last three years, which was due to their arrogance and over reaching, in their attempt to take full control to the Archdiocese of Agatna, 
the Neos had been put on the defensive.

After circling the wagons, this summer, they patiently planned their return. Pius went back to get his marching orders, and we now are witnessing the beginning of their counter-attack.
I shall not go into details today, into the elucubrations of Eusebio, the new mouth piece of Pius, as I am preparing a more detailed work for later. But I shall underline some of the biggest Pearls served to the Media, in that press conference.
"The Ad Hoc committee findings are flawed, because they did not ask the seminary questions, and they were biased to start with.

This is what is commonly called a ballsy statement.
If you refer back to who was on the visiting seminary visitors committee, the five priests listed are as follow:
  1. Fr. Romeo Concovar
  2. Fr. Julio Cesar Sanchez
  3. Fr.Jeffrey San Nicolas
  4. Fr. Patrick Castro
  5. Fr. Tom Mc Grath 
Both Fr Mc Grath and Fr Castro, are well respected and aging priests, who have always showed great restraint and neutrality in all they do.
Fr San Nicolas, is the Delegate to the Apostolic Administrator.
Fr Sanchez is the Vice Rector of  RMS
Fr Concovar is the Rector to St John Paul the great seminary.

If we are to believe Ricky Eusebio, the fact that both the vice rector of RMS and the Rector of St John Paul the great were part of the Ad Hoc committee, should not be taken in consideration, to determine the good founding of his accusation of Bias.

According to the good Doctor, the Vice Rector of RMS (and dedicated Neo), presence on the board he accuses of bias, is not to be taken in consideration? Again a stellar demonstration of the Neos thinking we are a bunch of backwoods retards.

 RMS is not going to accept any more funds for the seminary.

Another blatant demonstration of their sense of superiority and really taking people for a bunch of fools.

According to Diana, JTT, Pius himself  (in his answer to the Media this summer), Eusebio, Zoltan and the whole lot of them, the Yona property belongs to the Archdiocese....LOL

Lets just follow this logic then.
If indeed the property belongs to the Archdiocese, and the "Seminary" is a private entity, why then does little Ricky not take the value of the said property in to consideration?

In fact free rent in the tax code is considered as a taxable gift. This is what you call an advantage in nature, that has to be qualified.

What is the estimated value of such free rent for the fake seminary?

I tell you why, because the rent on such a property would be in the tens of thousands of dollars every month. This in itself is a huge money gift.

We know why Ricky is not approaching this issue: It is simply because doing so, would shade light on the fact that this blog and attorney Bronze have highlighted clearly:

Our failed Archbishop, the serial abuser, Apuron, indeed gave the property to the RMS. This in itself would be an admission of a gift of around 70 million dollars.

Then, again, in his calculated madness little Ricky Eusebio is asserting that the seminary is less costly than sending priests to study on the mainland. At 70 million dollars, I guess I would like to defer.....Typical of the Neos to want their cake and eat it at the same time.

You have to choose Ricky: What is it? You cannot have it both ways.


  1. Here you go frenchie attacking the Catholic Church again.

    1. How is Frenchie attacking the Catholic Church? The NCW and NEOs, in my book, are not Catholics! They are money hungry, materialistic, unethical, and lying bunch of Want-A-Be Catholics!

      Had you started your own churches, with your flowered tables, dancing around the tables, using the tithes that are given every Sunday by Faithful True Catholics, and sitting down while receiving the Body of Christ, you would have been left alone.

      But No, you slithered into the Catholic Church where you know the Faithful are very giving to their Churches.

      Since Your Leader, Ric, said that the Divine Providence will provide, please take that money and start your own gymnasium/hotel for your services!

      By the way, I cringe every time I see Pius' face and some of the NEOs. So Not Humble and Caring looking! My Opinion!

    2. There they go again, 8:07PM, thinking that the NCW is the Catholic Church. Thank you for affirming the mindset we have been experiencing for too long.

  2. Small correction. You wrote the NCWs want to salvage their loot. Actually, it is OUR loot.

    1. It was our patrimony. It became loot in the hands of the kikos because they stole it.

    2. Thank you Tim, my point exactly.

    3. Frenchie, suggested spelling corrections in your first two paragraphs:

      convivence (paragraph one)
      Szekely (paragraph two) (The “-sky” or “-ski” surname ending is Slavic, not Magyar.)

  3. Hello Agnes, thank you for your comment.
    Loot:Goods, specially private property, taken during a war or a riot.
    Ill gotten possession, belonging to someone else.
    To loot: plunder, pillage, despoil, rob, rifle, ransack, burglarize.

    Since I am talking about what the NCW took from us, by lie, deception, and false pretense, it is their loot.

    It used to be OUR properties, it is their Loot

    1. Tim and Frenchie, Thank you for your vocabulary lesson.

  4. Why not have it "both ways." Tony does. LOL.

    1. Tim, you are having way too much fun with this.....

  5. The NCW will now be taking the properties and monies from their own brethren by way of tithes and offerings and soon they will start feeling the pain from this money laundering scam that they call righteous.

    1. Very likely scenario, which of course will have a double edge for them.

  6. Can't wait for the archdiocese to depose the GenNarnia, Pius, Apuron, DaviD, Adrian, Alberto, Trained Lawyer and others to uncover their role in this fraudelent scheme to steal the property.

    1. So far, the Archdiocese administration of Arch. Hon has not move an iota on this subject. This is exactly why Tim started a countdown.
      If nothing is done about the property, soon we would forfeit any recourse to recover said property, and deposing as you say the above mentioned collection of crooks.
      CCOG most likely has a plan B, but time is ticking....

  7. Divine Providence is another way of saying that they're going to start taking a second collection every Sunday? Divine Providence my eye!

    1. You are missing the point anon at 12.26. What Eusebio "the arrogant", is basically saying is: " we don't recognize the Hon administration, and we shall finance ourselves"

      Of course this is a whole bunch of baloney, since they are staying free of charge in a building they say is ours, but that they term as a "private property"
      This is what you call double-talk.
      Hence this is why I said they want their cake and eat it at the same time.
      This press conference is typical "Deny and Deflect" while they are earning as much time as possible to be able to give us the middle finger. (sometimes in November)

    2. Not only do they not recognize the Hon administration but they have forgotten the donor and the donor's request. As per Diana~ "The donor knew that the property was for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary because it was the donor who paid the bank loan. The bank loan specifically stated that the purchase of the property was to house the RMS. The donor is not stupid enough to give money freely without knowing what the money would be used for. Simple as that. *October 15, 2016 at 11:59 AM" .......Shame on you Diana? Arch. Apuron the shepherd of the Church, entrusted by the donor filled in the gap which is a gift from God (ask and you shall receive) and you question whether or not the donor is-is not stupid for giving away his/her money freely. Diana you are human and you are not God. Stop causing trouble by interfering in His(God's)plan and work.

    3. When I have time I will have some fun catching Diana in her lie. Diana has insisted up till now that the donor was a member of the NCW, was a local, and that the money was used to purchase the property. Up till now she has never mentioned the bank loan. I have consistently said it was a bank loan, which means that the property was not GIVEN to RMS, as she insisted. At least not until Apuron gave it to them.

    4. Jeaolousy kills

    5. Anon 8:59p, it will kill you too.

  8. Hey Ric!, you don't want any more money? What about the our Property in Yona? Do you still need to use it to or are you done? Remember Pius and you said it belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana too. So ok we want that back now. Have a nice day and good rinse.

  9. Time to give them the eviction notice on this sham seminary. Tape it on the door since they won't open the door. AB Hon, are you going to let a small group like the RMS board dictate to you what rightfully belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana? No more! Basta! Let's see what kind of powers the Apostolic Administrator has or does Apuron still calls the shots for the archdiocese?

    1. It is obvious dear anon at 7.54, that the Neos have decided to impede any initiative Archbishop Hon and his temporary administration have taken.
      This is why you see the childish behavior of Cristobal, the sabotage of the Catholic cemeteries by JTT and her stooges, including Fr. Alberto, who has back-stabbed Hon and Jeff at every turn.
      Of course lets not forget this latest press conference with Fr. Julio trying to look tough, but basically being disobedient.
      For the icing on the cake you have the neo priests refusing their new assignments.
      This is a direct Challenge to Hon and therefore to Pope Francis. The funny part is that Filoni, is playing both side.
      Actually he has been encouraging the Neos from the time Hon arrived on island.