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Apuron and Quitugua The Other activated the time bomb on November 22, 2011. They stealthily embedded it in such a way that they thought it wouldn't be discovered until it was too late.....

Image result for TIME BOMBAfter years of apuron's chicanery it was discovered but of course apuron's presence thwarted any action to defuse the bomb. AA Hon took over with more than six months still remaining on the clock but he dilly dallied till now so  time is really, really short. Enter the bomb squad:

Image result for BOMB SQUADImage result for BOMB SQUADSonny Ada 
John Weisenberger    
Champ Calvo 
Rick Dueñas 
Art Ilagan 
Mary Okada 
Toni Stanford 
Joseph Rivera 
                                            Richard Untalan

Image result for heroAA Hon finally got around to appointing a new Archdiocesan Finance Council to look after the patrimony of the Archdiocese. The nine Catholics listed above now have the opportunity to be seen as heroes (heroines in the case of Mary and Toni) for the rest of their lives. They can use their good offices, powers of persuasion and what ever else high powered [deliberate choice of words here] business folks bring to the table to see that AA Hon causes suit to be filed to recovered our realty that apuron so cavalierly gave away. There is no other way. 

Image result for loserIf rather than taking immediate, decisive action the nine study the matter, weigh the pros and cons, take a deliberate approach or use any other artifice to delay or stall the matter and the clock runs out the "time bomb" will blow up in their respective faces.Then the Yona property will be the pride of the Gennarinis forever.

Sonny, John, Champ, Rick, Art, Mary, Toni, Joe and Richard, thousands of Catholics have their eyes locked on you. They're rooting for you and really want you to succeed so that forevermore you'll be known as the:

Image result for hero squad

Sonny Ada 

John Weisenberger    
Champ Calvo 
Rick Dueñas 
Art Ilagan 
Mary Okada 
Toni Stanford 
Joseph Rivera 
Richard Untalan
Image result for our heroes

Just one more thing, gang.  Could you pls provide me with a group photo to use on the congratulatory post that I want to do this month?

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