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After viciously attacking the visiting ad hoc committee, little Eusebio, made the point that the statutes of the Redemptoris Mater seminaries have been approved by the Holy Father, and by more than one hundred Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops.

Have you ever heard that before? Doesn't it sounds like: "The Pope sent us"? "Who are you to doubt the Pope?"


For nearly 40 years, Kiko, Carmen, and their minions have used the same scenario of name dropping, of rubbing elbows with the strong and the famous, for photo ops, easy access and preferred treatment.

Here on Guam, we have seen the catastrophic consequences of this approach, with the corruption of individuals and organizations.

Yet, when faced with a report that spelled out many of the issues at the RMS and the Institute, little Eusebio first attacks the messengers, then comes up with the used and well tested coverall answer:

"How dare you, question us, we have been endorsed by the Pope and 100 Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops?"

So lets look into this assertion. 

"The Redemptoris Mater seminaries have been approved by the Holy Father."

This is another typical over reach.

Historically the first Redemptoris Mater Seminary was allowed to open in Rome in 1988. There are now over 100 RMS worldwide, including the one in Yona.

The person who gave the green light for the 1st RMS is Cardinal  Ugo Poletti.

This is very telling, because Poletti is probably the most colorful and controversial Cardinal in the 20th century. I shall revisit this issue separately, because it deserves its own treatment.

Please remember this name Ugo Poletti. If you think Filoni is a dangerous individual, he is a babe in the woods compared to this individual.

The Pope at the time was John Paul II. We saw that he was very impressed by the evangelization around the world. At the same time John Paul was not a micro manager, he did not get involved in the nitty-gritty , and the day to day operations. He left a lot of elbow room for his Cardinals.

Poletti had almost no check and balance.

All Popes encourages initiatives that they perceived as positive, they make speech of encouragement, they visit on occasion. They do this for all Catholic organizations, but the Neos have become masters of the juxtaposition of images and of spinning events.

Neither John Paul, nor Benedict and certainly not Francis wrote either a Bull or a Motu Proprio to endorse the RMS.

John Paul did acquiesce to many of the NCW request, as a matter of principle, but as a general statement, nothing specific, Benedict is rumored to have written his Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum" specifically to clarify many of the issues facing seminaries in general, and RMS in particular. As a scholar and a former seminary teacher he was very much in tune with these issues.
It is why he also moved the authority of the overseeing of seminaries to the Congregation of Clergy from the Congregation of Universities. Exception being for lands of evangelization and the Syriac and Eastern traditions. This is how we ended up with Filoni overlooking our issues, including the seminaries.

So where did this blanket statement come from: The RMS have been endorsed by the Holy Father?
Well,as usual it is an endorsement by co-option. The mere fact that Cardinal Poletti authorized the first RMS in Rome in 1988, and agreed to their status, made it an endorsement from the Vatican, which has evolved into a Papal endorsement, thanks to a nit picking of a few declarations from John Paul taken out of context, and of course used to shore up their claims.

100 Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops.

What are we talking about here?

As I have mentioned earlier, RMS is now present in slightly over 100 locations throughout the world.
This is where the endorsements of the RMS has been done by 100 Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops. This is more like an acquiescence  of a set of rules for the day to day operations, rather than an endorsement.

Once again, what little Eusebio is doing, is using double talk and misleading the readers.

At a moment when in many countries, the vocations have fallen drastically, the NCW has approached many Bishops around the world with a slew of candidates for the priesthood, mostly from third world countries.

Kiko has turned on the recruiting machine, with his brainwashing of young members, and their families.His "discernment of vocations"by his well oiled machine of Catechists, who prepare both families and candidates for a "better life", which is topped off by their "Mercabah", that Jewish inspired ritual, where lots are drawn from a bag, by Kiko Himself to decide where the lucky candidate will go study.

That is one side of the equation, the other being the wooing with song and dance of prelates at the Domus Galilae on the Dead sea, to convey the power and the success of the NCW in developing their seminaries. The final sale being how beneficial it would be for these prelates to have more vocations in their Diocese.

This is how in basically 20 years the NCW has opened over 100 seminaries, while many other are struggling to find candidates.

Our failed Archbishop was both cajoled and blackmailed into opening a small RMS in the late nineties. Unlike other RMS who benefit from the existing diocesan seminaries to dispense the education to the candidates to the priesthood, no such thing were in place here.

In other Diocese, RMS students do most of their studies at the local seminary, and return to their place in the evening, to sharpen their "new evangelization" specificity. In these Diocese, there is actually a system in place to verify the progress of the students, within the main seminary, and candidates must follow the same steps as the other seminarians to become deacons and later be ordained.

This is what is happening in places like Newark, Boston, Denver Miami, where friendly Bishops have allowed the establishment of RMS.

This is a far cry from what has happened here on Guam, because we never had a diocesan seminary, therefore Apuron had to invent the Blessed Diego San Vitores institute to at least give a cover story to his operation on Guam.

Unfortunately, Guam never was able to get the right number of professors, and/or the caliber of professors required to run a seminary properly.

This is what the Visiting Committee found, and reported. This is also why little Eusebio and his "board" came up first with vicious attacks, then with the typical brainwashed mantra Kiko has for everything he does. The Pope has approved it.....

Right!!!!!! And I am the Archbishop of San Francisco!!!!


  1. Is he Litlle Eusebio or Little Dick?

    1. Hence the attitude of a pea-cock for little dick. Lol

  2. Does anyone in the Neo think for themselves?

    1. Those few that do a little, don't nearly enough. Also, they never get trusted to be the front men, nor "responsibles" or "catechists".

  3. No, since they all have no BRAIN CELLS since they all only follow as they are told and forgot how to think for themselves. little eusebio or little wee wee Oh! it's same same.

  4. Dear Tim,
    you are wrong in two ponts: the minor one: The "Domus Galialaeae" is not buited over the Dead sea, but over the lake of Galilee.

    2. The major point: Cardinal Poletti could never accept in the Diocese of Rome, the Diocese of the Pope - he was only the Vicar of the Pope - if Pope J.P.II, didnt allowed and wanted it. Carmen, in a very subtle way, became, together, but more then Kiko, his favorite company; she could enter the Vatican, eat, smoke, discuss with him, whenerver she wanted. It is a responsability of saint J.P.II to have backed totaly the NCW, also with oficial declarations.
    The real growth of the NCW, from witch the Church suffers until today, is his responsability.

    1. While I agree with your second comment, I didn't write the post.

  5. Just found out that little dick calls tony boy Nino. That explains everything.