Monday, November 14, 2016


posted by Jose M.

Weather, we liked it.  Weather, we didn't. The laity of the Archdiocese still assembled in front of the Cathedral Basilica.  


To be clear, this picket is not going to cease . . . but there is an end.  The message is and has always been unequivocal and consistent.   We’re not going anywhere until the message is heard and acknowledged. We, the Church, will not tolerate child sexual abuse by our clergy any longer.

Sunday saw the introduction of a new sign.
Different words same message: 

This Church, this island, must demand that Apuron be laicized.  There are many reasons why.  Take a look at the sidebar to the right . . . you will see four of those reasons.

Our Archdiocese is crying for healing.  It needs correcting.  We long for renewal.  And the one factor that is preventing all of this from happening is Apuron. He selfishly and desperately is maintaining a vain grip on the title and position of Archbishop.  He should be removed from his position; his title must be forfeit; his faculties stripped.  No ifs, ands, or . . . well, we’ll leave it right there.

Additional photos from this Sunday’s message to the world can be viewed by clicking here.   

One more sign made a debut this weekend.  But more on that for another time. . .

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