Monday, November 14, 2016


posted by Jose M.

Weather, we liked it.  Weather, we didn't. The laity of the Archdiocese still assembled in front of the Cathedral Basilica.  


To be clear, this picket is not going to cease . . . but there is an end.  The message is and has always been unequivocal and consistent.   We’re not going anywhere until the message is heard and acknowledged. We, the Church, will not tolerate child sexual abuse by our clergy any longer.

Sunday saw the introduction of a new sign.
Different words same message: 

This Church, this island, must demand that Apuron be laicized.  There are many reasons why.  Take a look at the sidebar to the right . . . you will see four of those reasons.

Our Archdiocese is crying for healing.  It needs correcting.  We long for renewal.  And the one factor that is preventing all of this from happening is Apuron. He selfishly and desperately is maintaining a vain grip on the title and position of Archbishop.  He should be removed from his position; his title must be forfeit; his faculties stripped.  No ifs, ands, or . . . well, we’ll leave it right there.

Additional photos from this Sunday’s message to the world can be viewed by clicking here.   

One more sign made a debut this weekend.  But more on that for another time. . .



    1. hey BRAGGER at Anonymous November 15, 2016 at 2:01 AM...

      These folks you say "PRANCING AROUND WITH SIGNS" are doing more on their own with a prayer and song, than the dianas who always run to filoni and pope kiko... and winning against a stacked deck...

    2. - What a Poor Delusional and Not Telling The Truth Person You Are Anonymous November 15, 2016 at 2:01 AM! Can you show me where the True Katolikus are "Prancing Around With Signs in Your Hand" are? All I see are the True Katolikus on Guam walking, praying, and holding their signs. They are trying to protect our Traditional Catholic Church and to Get Rid of Your leader apuRUN - CHILD MOLESTER AND ABUSER!

      Please stay with Diana! You are taking credit for "We Got Hon Out" but he was already set to leave Guam. And your power is WHERE? We now have a new Bishop/ArchBishop - God Is Good - so WHAT POWER DO YOU HAVE! Totally NONE in My Book! YEAH BABY!

    3. Rudee! You are the face of rage and stupidity! You just returned from the loving environment at Vivian Way, then you breathe out hatred at 2AM right after disengaging yourself from your sweet-nothings. Why don't you just stay at Fatty's where she can reel you in and save your from your pigheadedness?

      Your buddy "diana" does not measure up to any power because her pseudonym means nothing. She cannot even stand for her beliefs except behind a made-up name, and you call that "power"? Rudee, go back to your stupid hell hole!

    4. Just like a cocoo Kiko. ...Diana used to say it was dangerous for the demonstrators to be out in the sun and in the rain. Poor older people with alzheimer who were manipulated by Tim somehow.
      Now courageous anon is telling us they are prancing around.
      Which one is it?
      You guys need to get your stories straight

  2. Tony, wad that you my son and his wife saw in SFO? So close, yet so far away.

  3. Thank’s to all who have join me on last Sunday Silent Protest. God Bless you and your Family.
    I would like to share a short and beautiful story that happen last night. At the end of the mass Fr Dan asked for forgiveness from us and I would like other priest to follow from the Parish they are assigned too.

    I too ask forgiveness to All that I have offended during our Silent Protest. Let us Unite with Love and Peace in this world so we can bring back our One, Holy, Catholic And Apostolic Church. Biba Santa Marian Kamalen!

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaNovember 15, 2016 at 7:18 AM

      Bernie Guerrero, it was a blessing to have you join the weekly Prayerful Picket on Sunday. I hope you will be able to return on Sunday mornings 0900-0945 in front of the Cathedral-Basilica because, as Lou Klitzkie declared, we're going to continue to picket as long as it takes to (1) get Apuron out, (2) effect the return of the Yona property to the patrimony of the Archdiocese and (3) have a moratorium placed on NCW activities as Archbishop Socrates Villegas did in the Philippines.

      St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle …

      St. Athanasius, pray for us

    2. To Whom It May Concern...

      By; Pope Benedict XVI, when he spoke of “The Priest's Three Duties”; namely, the three offices of teaching, sanctifying and governing…

      This is the function in persona Christi of the priest: making present, in the confusion and bewilderment of our times, the light of God's Word, the light that is Christ himself in this our world.

      Therefore the priest does not teach his own ideas, a philosophy that he himself has invented, that he has discovered or likes; the priest does not speak of himself, he does not speak for himself, to attract admirers, perhaps, or create a party of his own; he does not say his own thing, his own inventions but, in the medley of all the philosophies, the priest teaches in the name of Christ present, he proposes the truth that is Christ himself, his word and his way of living and of moving ahead.

      What Christ said of himself applies to the priest: "My teaching is not mine" (Jn 7:56); Christ, that is, does not propose himself but, as the Son he is the voice, the Word of the Father.
      The priest too must always speak and act in this way: "My teaching is not mine, I do not spread my own ideas or what I like, but I am the mouthpiece and heart of Christ and I make present this one, shared teaching that has created the universal Church and creates eternal life".

      apuron OUT… apuron OUT… apuron OUT… apuron OUT… apuron OUT… apuron OUT...

  4. Jose M., I concur it's a "prayerful picket" and a peaceful one too! I know because I was one of them on Sunday. BTW, I didn't notice at first (busy walking, holding my rosary and praying) till afterwards a very good feeling about this particular day, a special day, a blessed day that NOTHING nor NO ONE could would ruin the day even if they tried.
    Even the filth that's cooked up in the minds of the diana's and company..BIBA neo's for Guam is not the only place who wants y'all out.....One Day, patiently waiting?
    AnonymousNovember 12, 2016 at 9:49 AM
    Blocking the entrance is passive physical violence! What would these people do if someone wold cross their picket line? It is a situation ripe for physical abuse. Would picketers push, hit and insult this person? Very probable!

    This kind of violence must be captured on video and handed over to the police department as soon as possible. How about the unavoidable searching of bags of protestors for hidden machetes and other concealed weapons?

    1. Sick minds live in FEAR! Diana's blog is a cesspool of hate! While we walk we pray for the conversion of sinners, especially for those most in need of God's mercy. Many parishioners cross the picket line, some with contempt or harsh words, but always in PEACE!

    2. Anon @ 6:55 AM - Pius, within the communities through his catechists, initiates this mindset of projecting violence, then instructs Diana to perpetuate it on their website. It's a coordinated attempt to fabricate an issue where there is none.

      However, if they want to continue to fabricate stories of violence against persons, allow me to issue a reminder: there are real instances of violent actions that have been well documented by civil authorities. . . right Barrigada?

  5. To the commenter identifying as "Decent Families Against Apuron." Your comment is strongly stated and appears to contain some important intel about Apuron's whereabouts. However, I have changed one word in the comment as to not provoke an unnecessary backlash which could detract from the important part of the comment. If you wish to know more of my reasoning, email me at


    Ah. Yes. The BOG-Quitugua hide out for deviants!

    Why the head of Bank of Guam in San Francisco can allow two deviants under her roof is beyond me. Has she no concern for her sons?

    But, I guess that is the mindset of the President of BOG as well. Protect perverts and deviants, while disregarding the moral and just. At least both ladies can try to claim political correctness.

    But there's a new sheriff in town (Washington DC). And he despises political correctness. As brash and distasteful his delivery message may be, he seems to have struck a chord in the hearts of many.

    Women have every reason to hate him, but we voted him in. Minirities have every reason to hate him, but we voted him in. If Trump fire sets the moral compass of our nation he will earn 8 years at that new address and rip apart the Democratic Party platform.

    There is hope for our nation.

    And with Apuron on the run and on the outs, there is hope for Guam.

    1. Wow yeah I never would have imagined... I know exactly where this is, let me know if there's anything I can do, it's very accessible by BART into the city. Financial district.

    2. Also there is a certain Fairfield address owned by the family which could be the hideout for deviant ASA... wonder where he hides when people ring the doorbell?? it's not a very big place compared to some other houses on the block. Barren landscape, not like the lush JUNGLE.

  6. For the healing and unity of the Archdiocese, perhaps Archbishop Apuron should not be buried in the Cathedral Basilica when he eventually is called from this earthly life.

    Maybe he could agree to that in advance for the sake of compromise, or as a sign of penance and atonement, as the case may be.

    Whether or not he is ultimately laicized.

    1. it would be an abomination for him to be buried in the Cathedral Basilica, no matter what HIS wishes are...