Monday, November 14, 2016


Posted by Tim

The Kamalin Karidat Thrift Shop is having a sale. They have lots of sales. However, they are currently having a CLOSING OUT sale. Does "closing out" mean "closing down?" If anyone knows Apuron's fate, it's his fave Deacon. Maybe he knows something. Hey Waldo, how about a "fist pump.


  1. " I have enough cloths and shoes . I don't need to go to that old fools thrift shop. I fooled Tenorio once why the hell is he selling my underwear." Anthony Apuron.
    May the thrift shop odds be forever in your favor Deacon Tenorio. I don't need your stupid money after all I spent 30 years useing that shop for personal needs" bye.....

  2. shut up Tenorio go get yourself embalmed.

  3. - Primo Tenorio - Why do you just donate the goods that you have at your Thrift Shop to those that really need it? Do you really need the money? Wait, maybe you do since apuRUN is being sued!

    1. Dakon Tenorio can donate them to the freeloaders at the Archbishop of Agana's official residence. They are being rightfully evicted for the squatters they are which was why Archbishop Hon couldn't live there. Now that we have Archbishop Byrnes, they have to leave. If they refuse like adrianna and juicer edivaldo, we have to kick their rumps out of there.