Saturday, November 12, 2016


Apuron still has the title "Archbishop" in front of his name. We need to come out in full force this Sunday, November 13, 2016 from 9 to 9:45 AM to oust him. "Apuron Out" will be on our signs.


  1. Please be their no later than 8:30a.m. in front of the Cathedral. Keep distance 6 ft apart.

    Checkout Facebook inviting the Public to join us. Katoliko Asta I Finatai-hu

  2. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaNovember 12, 2016 at 7:15 PM

    I haven't made my Apuron Out sign yet so I'm going to have to use my trusty DEFROCK APURON sign tomorrow. If it rains as badly as last week, I would rather use the old one.

    See you there, rain or shine.

  3. Like those pollsters and pundits who got it so wrong on Trump, Apuron just doesn't get it. He's been asked by the Holy See to resign several times but refuses to acknowledge the obvious: he is unfit to be a bishop having lost all spiritual and moral authority to govern.

  4. Diana has a crystal ball! Amazing, to say the least.

    DianaNovember 12, 2016 at 8:41 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 7:05 am,

    Yes. In fact, that is the reason why Vatican City has been looking into the jungle. Tim Rohr has proudly been showing off how many times Vatican City has logged on to his blog. But what he does not know is that the lawyer defending Archbishop Apuron was looking for the evidence of conspiracy. Archbishop Apuron has claimed that he is innocent of those sexual allegations and that Tim Rohr has plotted to remove him.

    I already found that Tim knew about Roy and Walter long before Mae Ada called in on the radio talk show because it indicated that on his blog. Tim also wrote in his blog in 2014 that he was not interested in removing Father Wadeson, only Archbishop Apuron. That was in his blog. So, the defense lawyer for Apuron is aware that Tim has been working to remove Archbishop Apuron since 2014.

    Nothing left to our imagination! She has it all figured out. Lots of time on her hands. No life, sad.

    1. In kiko speak, a conspiracy is an attempt to persecute a Neo.

      In earthling talk, building a case with solid evidence is responsible. That is what Tim had done. He heard of problems then went out on a limb and started to gather intel.

      All these events were known by Apurun 's inner circle, so now they are scared because they know the monster they hid in the closet for so many years has been revealed.

      David the former VG knew. Adrian the former Chancellor knew. Pius the former rector(/spiritual advisor of the ranked) knew. All three amigos are now shamed and in hiding. What they don't want you to know is they are incompetent. But because they had this info they used it for power. They used this secret to stay in the inner circle to pull millions out of the Archdiocese.

      No conspiracy by Tim when he filly reveals the TRUTH about this!

  5. It's ok. Just check out the new eviction notice up at the chancery. Take selfies with them. Post on the jungle.

    They are beautiful. Almost as great as ccog and lfm signs of "Defrock Apuron"

    Fight on, Guam Catholics!


  6. Apuron has no moral authority to govern. Thats exactly why we read comments about him. A respected Bishop will never be reduced to gutter talk.

  7. The following statement from the KAKA filled Dungbat is why we continue to protest.

    DianaNovember 13, 2016 at 10:19 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 5:31 pm,

    This is why we need to always pray for our bishops and priests. The devil consistently attacks them. As you can see, Archbishop Hon, Father Jeff, Father Mike, and the rest of the Presbyterian council who voted to remove Archbishop Apuron have fallen. Instead of leading the sheep to Jesus and His Gospel TEACHING, they have followed the devil in judging and condemning a man without a trial. So sad.

    1. LOL! The "Presbyterian" council. Like I said, NCW is not Catholic. LOL!

    2. Indeed, the NCW is a Presbyterian denomination. Arguello and Gennarini are the top ruling laymen of this sect. The Guam council of elders (Apuron,Pius, Quitugua, Cristobal,Eusebio, et al) have been the most responsible of our immediate crisis. Archbishop Byrnes would do well to keep these enemies of the church close to him and with muzzles on tight. These guys would bola-bola anyone when given a chance. Let's keep Apuron out, close the RMS, and return the Yona property to the church patrimony.

  8. There she goes AGAIN? Diana with her crystal ball at work. She absolutely thinks she's God's personal hired Assistant and taking this job to the next level. Too brave diana! Calling out the people as "have fallen", "Fallen Angels" as she's known to do. Your Sick?
    Though, I give impostor diana/he-she/maybe/Mae whomever you are, credit for reminding us to pray for all the bishop and priest. What's in it for diana the impostor. Is it her innocent and beloved Arch. Apuron making all his victims guilt? This reminder makes me feel "it" has a heart although "it" may refuse to admit it.

  9. Have fallen? is supposed to change some time this week. The "have fallens" will be making good on getting the RMS back with their court filing...soon to come to you Diana, Crazy Dick-E, and the rest of the NCW Goon Gang.