Friday, November 18, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

Fr. Edwin “Pius” Sammut O.C.D., the lead catechist for the Neocatechumenal Way in Micronesia, says that the absolute obedience of the members of “the Way” on Guam has “edified him a lot”...

“There are always people who rebel, but anyway, thanks be to God, God has given us tremendous communion, tremendous obedience.
Okay, somehow you have always obeyed us. You know, which is very, eh, which edified, which edified me a lot, even when we told you big things. You always did what we told you, okay, and this communion is what gives strength to this charism."
In the waning months of 2016, we finally see examples of what Sammut meant by "tremendous obedience," even in "the big things."  Presbyters that will not leave their rectories for new assignments.  Rogue cemetery and seminary boards.  And we know now that he used the word "we", he certainly did not mean the lawful Church hierarchy, men sent by the Holy Father himself.

Source:  The Neocatechumenal Way's 2014 Beginning of the Year Convivence, Guam USA

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