Saturday, November 19, 2016


Our French Underground reports the following:

After scurrying out of Guam in late May or early June, Tony popped up in Rome where he gave his now infamous video message saying that it was HE who had requested the Holy Father to send Hon. 

He probably would have stayed there under the protective wings of Kiko and Filoni but his Visa ran out after 90 days. 

He departed Italy sometime in July and our people have reported seeing him in New Jersey, New York and Boston. 

He returned to Italy briefly in August, probably to follow up on his denied demand that Hon be removed, and then scurried back to the East Coast, where he remains in hiding. 

Reports say that he has attempted to grow facial hair (LOL) to disguise himself. This is funny since Tony always sought fame and now that he has it he is trying to disguise himself and hides. 

Apparently he feels he will be safer in Guam because he is still under the illusion that his opponents are only a few people and that the majority of Catholics, especially with the backing of the Neo's, will defend him. 

Thus he plans to return to Guam for the December 8 celebrations, reclaim his diocese, and personally install Archbishop Byrnes as his "go-for." 

This is the "good news" The Diana has been referring to. 

The Vatican is aware of his plan but appears unable to stop him. 

I told you. 

Come on back, Tony. Here's a glimpse of your welcoming committee:

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