Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch Correspondent from Spain.

One of the biggest mistakes made by many cardinals and bishops in valuing the NCW charism is to be dazzled by its special effects. in which Kiko Argüello and his black labeled catechists are truly masters.

As my dear Paul Lennon and other Legionaries of Christ have pointed out several times, although each Catholic person is precisely called by God to see further than just appearances, imitating Jesus, who never judged anybody by only the external, Marcial Maciel played with the human ease to conform to what we feel. 

Thus Maciel deceived even John Paul II, the saint. Rome was flashed by the high numbers and Maciel's premise: the most expensive, the better.  The so called "Millionaires of Christ" were like the hen of the golden eggs. Every compulsive liar knows the effect of the "noble lie", in religion translated to "pious fiction". Shaped by Plato, the noble lie still stays attached to human nature. 

If Maciel gave birth to so many priests, so many consecrated lives, so many schools and universities, so many seminaries, why tell the truth? Aren't those good fruits? Aren't those desirable fruits for God?

What need do we have to tell Maciel was the Devil personified? How could we explain that such Devil personification was able to achieve in a single sowing what thousands of sowers have not gotten in hundred of years?

Our world of 2016 seems governed by the same logic: always reaching the limits of the maximum amount at the lowest possible cost. Wear and tear clothes, throwaway furniture, scheduled obsolescence appliances. We want it all and we want it now. 

Maciel got the multiplication of loaves and fishes in a record time. His Legion of Christ was absolutely brilliant. Despite John Paul II allowed Carmen "Adidas" smoking in Vatican rooms and lead the development of a statute for the NCW, he showed greater preference for Maciel and his "movement." Maciel already had his arm tired of blessing new soldiers for the new evangelization when Kiko and Carmen were plotting around the best hake in Rome to regale the Pontiff. 

All of us know the end of that fairy tail. It was impossible for Cardinal Ratzinger to open Maciel's box of thunder until John Paul II was agonizing. That is what the official story tells. Maybe it is only one "noble lie" to keep the faithful satisfied. All of us want to preserve our faith on Cardinal Ratzinger's iron hand, although the later events showed us that his hand was very rusty: Maciel died without being tried and yet as Benedict XVI, Ratzinger could not tame Kiko Argüello.

Kiko Argüello seems to have no competence in the Catholic Olympic Games. By the date he has beaten Maciel's records in the Kingdom of Quantity. The Neocatechumenal Way seems to grow out of control, it is the new hen of golden eggs for an ancient institution whose rotten roots still remains Maciel's perfume of criminality. 

In absence of predators or inner competence, the NCW is ending with the diversity of the catholicity. That is why Kiko always shows off saying "maybe our soap does not smell better, but it washes better", when he really means "our soap spreads more" or maybe "our soap makes more foam". One person with a well-formed ecological concern knows that the most environmentally friendly detergents are those that produce little foam.

It doesn't matter. The main goal here is to fill the empty benches as soon as possible: to open more new Redemptoris Mater seminaries, to produce families for mission as sausages and keeping the rhythm of the holy confiscations under the noble lie of the saint tithe. 

I apologize because I do not have any hope in changes. Filoni Baloney, the red pope, seems as machiavellian as many others. He is placed in the upper and just have to worry about keeping the machinery working. It is absolutely sad the office of a big fish. Sincerely, I am not able to find the differences between a Filoni Baloney and a high financier of the Rothchilds. Both, the Catholic Church and the bench, are not NGOs. 

Just a few days ago my mum came back from her mission in a RM seminary. She is in the middle of her seventies, but still with lots of energy and very willing to continue serving. The rector of the RM where she has been serving for years, far from her family, told her, just a few days before her return for Christmas Holidays (supposedly until February), they do not need her anymore. 

Of course, the rector does not care for her individual circumstances. He has acted as Kiko and his black label catechists use to do: improvising. My mum had her flight ticket return bought since some weeks ago. I do not know how do you say in English when you pay not only one way ticket, but a ticket to go and return. Now, that money is lost. Who cares?

At first I understood she was told to finish there this course, it is, that she would return in February until the summer holidays, when the academic course finishes (2016/17), and then she will come back to Spain definitely. But no, she had to leave her mission suddenly. I asked her what would have happened if she had not any home to live, maybe if she had not any sons or daughters and she would have had to find a rental apartment and things like that. You can imagine the answer: "God provides". 
Yes, the classic improvisation of Kiko. He asks for a glass of water and in a second finds thousands of servants who serve it. Tomorrow he wants to visit any country around the world and automatically he finds everything solved. Even if Carmen "Adidas" has to wait frozen during the heat of Madrid in summer, Kiko finds a neocatechumenal member who processes all special permits until he builds a neo mausoleum for her. Never seen. If Kiko wants, he will be late for his own funeral. 

Who is a poor old woman to wait for a little consideration? My mum has been cleaning and washing for that RM seminary, it is, working for free for several years and of course without being considered officially as a missionary by the Catholic Church. The only thing she has received during these years was the flight ticket paid by her community. She has never asked for any more. 

But the last thing I could imagine is she would not have any special celebration to say goodbye. Her community in that country could not have a simple meeting with her for it. She told me a lot of people from that community were crying by that. Neither a miserable farewell. 

That is the sad reality of the common neocatechumenals. An absolute lack of empathy from the upper in the structure and an absolute lack of gratitude, in pure human terms, when you are only a simple person and not a black labeled. Of course my mum has always been a neocatechumenal member of "third class", extremely obedient, extremely servant and dependent. Former members would understand what I mean for sure.

Of course none of her community was to welcome her at the airport. None of them had phoned her, except the responsible's wife after she was already installed. Of course, none of them has drove a car to visit her, even for a coffee somewhere or for a walk, None. The excuse is, as always, they will see her the next time they will have a neo-celebration, but by the day it did not coincide. 

Kiko Argüello invented some years ago the term "community in mission". And my mum's community (my former community) is one of them. It means the community is torn from its initial context, the parish where all the Way was done from the beginning until the end (for more than 20 years), and suddenly replanted to another different parish, even in the opposite extreme of the region or the city, where the NCW had not grown as expected. 

A new magic trick to make the NCW look stronger facing the gallery. The result is a multiplication of parishes where there are people who had finished the Way. Then, Kiko can show the parishes where the NCW has fructified are twice as many suddenly, from the night to the day, like the mushrooms in the field after a intense rain. Cardinals don't care their magic tricks. Hierarchy loves numbers.

The consequences of neo-communities' transplantation from one parish to another to make up numbers surely bring economic benefits for Kiko, for the parishes-priests adopters and for the diocese. A clear example of noble lie in its religious facet. Just as pious lies as the so-called itinerants and neocatechumenal in mission. 

They do not evangelize in the name of the Catholic Church, they evangelize for and by the NCW. The Pope does not send them to evangelize, he just blesses them when they go "in mission". If after that they sell combs while singing Kiko's songs on squares, it is not the Pope's business. In fact, I would put my hand on fire: those neocatechumenals in missio are not officially recognized as common missionaries as we had always thought. 

My mum, for example, had to leave that country in question every time her tourist pass was expired. After a determined lapse of time, she would return with a new one for several months again. And so. It means the Catholic Church did not send her as an official missionary. If it was, she would not have to go out and return as a common tourist. I can not imagine any european nun destined in a mission anywhere having to scape by night because her tourist pass has expired, except if we were talking about very specific cases of diplomatic difficulties.

It is a very interesting thing to investigate. Filoni Baloney could explain why any neocatechumenal member can move anywhere around the world without any official Catholic Church document while we are witnessing the limitation of the human right of asylum for so many people who run away from war. 

In the other hand, Filoni Baloney might pay more attention. Maybe some future day he finds a hot potatoe with that regulatory vacuum.

Meanwhile, by the date I do not think Filoni Baloney could be worried about Kiko's great army of evangelizers. God still provides. Every rector of every RM seminary will always find more supply than demand for being a neocatechumenal maid for free. 

Another disgusting anecdote of the real face of the NCW. My mum told me how many cases of hungry people there are in that country where she was, even when it is one of the most developed in Latin America. I could not believe it! I asked if she was referring to people who had just entered the Way, when the tithes still are not paid. She was categorical: people who suffer hungry even when the neo-community pays tithes. 

I was absolutely devastated: "Mum, you are talking about very poor people who give for Kiko and the Way even what they do not have. How can a rector of a RM seminary have enough stomach to allow their seminarians having exquisite fresh sirloin steaks for lunch every Sunday while the children in the neo-communities they walk are suffering chronic hunger? I can not believe it. That Kiko's policy of evangelization is too pharisaic for me. 


  1. YUP!...KIKO dazzles them with what looks like BRILLIANCE and BAFFLES KIKO followers with BS!...So true!

  2. Sounds like Kiko found out who you are and punished you by firing her.

  3. Cult. Walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, looks like a duck . . .

  4. Dear La Paz,

    In American English it is called a round-trip ticket, as opposed to a one-way ticket.

    I am so sorry to hear about your mother. She is blessed to have such a loyal, patient, loving, and insightful daughter.

    It sounds as if the NCW Cult is heavily involved in international human trafficking and immigration fraud.

    It would be providential if civil authorities around the world began investigating this, given the plethora of RMS presbyter factories worldwide.

    Maybe even a U.S. Attorney’s Office (American federal prosecutor)?

  5. Thank you for the valuable pieces of information that you've revealed regarding NCW. It is so unfortunate that your mother was treated like a disposable piece of furniture after giving the best years of her life in faithful and sincere service. This is so sad, and must be happening to a lot of good people who are conscripted into serving the needs of NCW hierarchy. Devoid of humanity, the bottom line are numbers, prosperity and undivided obedience for these greedy kikoists!

  6. This is typical NCW behavior. I my parish when we had a visiting priest come to stay for a few weeks. The NCW "priest" is my parish thought the visiting priest was a member of "the way" and was going to give him the best room to use.

    However when he discovered that the priest was not a NCW cult member, the visiting priest was given the basic room to live in. This is how the NCW works, those non cult members are treated like dirt.

  7. - I have now heard about a lot of people, in a number of cases, taken for granted in a number of capacities around RMSs.

    - I am aware of a horrendous (and delicate) case involving a family with children under 18 uprooted without even a pretence at legitimacy from a good means of support back home, and in which at least two archdioceses (and possibly three) neighbouring my diocese, are implicated.

  8. The articles of this idiot Junglewatch author is misleading. Whoever you are may God give you what you deserve. You are actually the cancer of the Church. Instead of helping in the propagation of faith you s[end time demolishing does who intend to do so. YOU YOU'RE SELF IS SATAN!!! FOOL SATAN! YOU CANNOT DECEIVE US! DIVIDER OF THE CHURCH! GO BACK TO HELL! THAT IS WHERE YOU BELONG JUNGLEWATCH AUTHOR!

    1. LOL. You cannot refute so you condemn. Yep. You're a kiko. Bye.

    2. Anon 11:51 PM I guess this article must have hit a hard and couldn't handle the truth which is why you're condemning..yep.you're a kiko..Bye.