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Posted by Tim

The last couple of posts have produced a firestorm of inter-related comments. Here is my reply to most of the comments in summary:

For the first time ever, the Kiko's, all the way up to Kiko himself, are scared s____less that their scam may be up. 

While The Kikos' scam has been scrutinized elsewhere, and even labeled a heresy by at least one fearless bishop (those are rare), Apuron's role in the middle of this stench, and then the intrepid interpolation of Ballin of Doha, have rammed two bishops right into the crosshairs of that scrutiny, forcing Rome to rub its nose in Kiko's filthy mess.

This is why Filoni, while sidelined for a bit after David the RMS Doorknob unwittingly exposed him, has hurriedly regained control of Guam. 

Archbishop Byrnes may not even be aware of the depth of this evil scam. In fact, I am quite sure of it. At his first press conference Byrnes was asked a question about Filoni and he quite innocently referred to him as "who I report to.

Administratively, the Prefect for the Congregation of the Evangelization of Peoples, nor the Prefect for any Congregation, is not who a bishop reports to. Ultimately every bishop "reports" directly to the pope. He has no other superior. However, administratively, if a bishop "reports" to anybody, he reports to the Apostolic Nuncio or Delegate for his region. 

The fact that Byrnes' reflexively answered the question the way he did tells us (as it happened initially with Hon) that Filoni has again inserted himself personally into the manipulation of the Guam situation. 

But why?

This isn't about Guam or even Apuron. This is about sealing off damage to the Neocatechumenal Way, Filoni's first priority. Filoni is known as Kiko's pope and if The Kikos in Rome are not stopped, Filoni (already called the "Red Pope" because of the power he wields) will be the next pope and Kiko will have attained his ultimate victory. 

All was going swimmingly until a bunch of unruly Guamanians stood up and started hollering "FOUL!" The local Kikos (Apuron, the Stinking Monk, Adrian, David et al.), while carrying out their orders from New Jersey, overplayed their hand. 

The order to Fr. Paul to go find another bishop was a death sentence and left him nothing to lose by releasing all of Apuron's documents and going public in response to Apuron and Adrian's public attacks on him. 

Still, they thought they had this in the bag, and the following year they decided to take out Msgr. James, the most likely local successor to Apuron. And while there was a huge backlash to that move, The Kikos believed they could outlast that too since after the initial outrage the only real opposition was a blog called JungleWatch. 

And then we exposed The Kikos' theft of the Yona property. This was key because while the ill treatment of priests might be frowned upon by Rome, Apuron's participation in alienating a mega-million dollar piece of archdiocesan patrimony exposed him to charges of an ecclesial crime. This is why The Kikos scampered to get that hilarious opinion from the Pontifical Council of Legislative texts whose big shot Secretary referred to us as the "Diocese of Guam" and let on that he had gotten all his data from The Stinking Monk!

Still they thought they could shut us down. But then came our big break. You might think it was the horror series of sex abuse allegations that came out last May and June. It actually wasn't. Our first big break was Ballin of Doha's biting Chuck White's bait by answering Chuck's loaded email in which he chastised Chuck for inquiring about Luis and claimed that Luis was "my priest now."

As you know, the Middle East is very dangerous for Christians, and while Qatar (Doha is the capital city) is not Syria, Muslim-Christian relations are extremely sensitive. This exploded in the pope's face. Apuron, via The Kikos, had squirreled Luis away to Qatar where he was living under Ballin's protection while "ministering" to young girls of about the same age as the one he was with when he was arrested. 

(Incidentally, the CCOG recently inquired with the Chancery about the status of Luis. Incredibly, the CCOG was told that his case was "still under investigation." And this was from the NEW administration.) 

Fast forward to the point of this post. Filoni (and that always means Kiko and Filoni) knows that in order to keep the NCW from being exposed as the money laundering, power usurping, land grabbing, pervert hiding, international syndicate that it is, he needed to get rid of the three greatest threats to the NCW: Apuron, Adrian, and Pius

Why are they threats? Well, look at what these bumbling, fumbling, stumbling, conniving, small time fools (with the help of The Waldo's expert media skills) have done. They have exposed The Kikos' pimpled backside like nowhere else in the world and at no other time during The Kikos' half a century rise to power.

And now, ALL is in danger of being lost should these fools open their mouth again. Pius was summoned to somewhere. Not sure where, but he was seen in Narita boarding a plane to Rome the day after he was spotted in the Agana Shopping Center last week. Apuron, we know, is hiding out in San Francisco and has been ordered to lay low. And Adrian was ordered to get lost under the cover of a Byrnes-approved, archdiocesan financed, study sabbatical. 

This is NOT about simply removing "problem priests." This is about getting them out of the way where they can be controlled by Filoni Baloney and his cast of Kiko-freaks. 

But Filoni Baloney knows that the biggest threat of all is the long arm of Guam's new law. This is why after complete silence on the matter, Hon suddenly rushed off to Rome from whence he issued a Fatwa on the bill and tried to strong arm the governor into vetoing it. Of course that failed, but Filoni has GOT to keep Apuron out of court. Depositions will reveal some seriously damning stuff for The Kikos on a worldwide scale. 

This is why they have moved their front to making war on the new law. Even if they are not successful in getting it repealed or declared unconstitutional, they can create enough bad press about it to cast legal proceedings against Apuron as a kangaroo court of Apuron haters.  

From there they can do what they always do: deny and deflect. Apuron will disappear into retirement. Adrian will be absorbed into the neocat syndicate and will live to fight another day. Pius will rot away somewhere. And Filoni will be the next pope. UNLESS...UNLESS...WE DON'T GO AWAY!

BTW, this is also the reason why there is no canonical trial for Apuron. It's all a ruse. A tribunal might have been formed, but Apuron will not "stand trial." Filoni won't permit it. 

(Later I might get back to this post and link everything I've referenced.)

Oh, just noticed. We should be passing the SEVEN MILLION mark in the next day or so. As of 5:06pm, 12/26/16 it is:6,993,673

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